Sandra Tenge

Sandra Tenge

Brighton VIC 3186

Servicing area: Brighton, Somerville, Bayside & Melbourne VIC

Learn how to whip up delicious meals that aren’t only healthy, but also personalised to suit your dietary requirements. 

Tailored Healthy Recipes

Get Tailored Recipes That Suit Your Health Requirements

Sandra Tenge in Brighton VIC makes mealtimes enjoyable and pain free with thousands of healthy Tailored Recipes that are ideal for people with food intolerances, allergies and sensitivities.

Just because you couldn’t eat certain foods because your skin breaks out every time you do, it doesn’t follow that you have to compromise your nutrition. 

We designed the Tailored Recipes program to provide you with various meal plans that are suitable for you. To find out which ones are ideal for you, all you have to do is tell us what foods you need to avoid and the diet plan that has been prescribed to you. Once we have this information, you will instantly have access to thousands of recipes that are tailored for you.

The Benefits of Tailored Recipes
  • Ends your frustration at not being able to find the ideal recipe for you
  • Allows you to pick a recipe based on your food intolerances, allergies, nutritional needs and goals
  • You can gain access to thousands of recipes that are suitable for you
  • All recipes require simple ingredients 
  • Allows you to create your weekly meals
  • Supports your dietary requirements
  • Allows you to update your diet plan based on your healing progress
  • You can access it anywhere and anytime.

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Sandra Tenge