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Specialising in the treatment of children's health: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ADHD, gastrointestinal complaints, anxiety, mood issues, poor concentration, insomnia, "picky eating", and poor immunity

All Natural Advantage

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Melbourne, Eastern Suburbs, Mount Waverley

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Allergies Face to face appointments Chronic health issues Anxiety Optimal health Intolerance


All Natural Advantage is a clinic in Melbourne, offering Naturopathic treatments for children's health conditions.

The clinic was founded by myself, John Pietryka, a Naturopath with a medical science background. The practice was started following my own health journey, as well as having to treat my own child diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

Over 20 years of experience, prepares you well for treating children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD and other child related conditions effectively.

Comprehensive testing is available and helps to take the guesswork out of what may be the underlying issue for your child that is causing concern.
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Click the Resources tab on my Home page, my top links to heaps of info about autism, diet, newsletter articles, and much more.

Click here, for my Youtube channel for a personal view into how I approach and treat mood disorders in children.

How do I practice differently to other Naturopaths?

1. My Approach to Diagnosis
Like other naturopaths, I take a thorough history and analysis of your child's current and past medical history. Working previously in pathology I am able to provide expert interpretation of your child's pathology results as well as offer conventinal and specialised pathology assessments. My dietary assessments look beyond just nutritional deficiencies. I also look for food intolerances not usually considered, for example salicylates, amines or oxalates.

Children's Health in particular is a challenge to diagnose and treat effectively. No other experience prepares you better than having lived and treated your own children. Especially, if you have a child with autism or ADHD. Diagnosing and treating their underlying issues is a challenge and requires experience, that is only gained over many years.

2. Specialist Testing
I offer the option of health tests that are more comprehensive than mainstream pathology laboratories provide. Many of these tests are non-invasive, utilising hair, saliva, stool or urine. Genetic tests are also available that are invaluable in understanding your underlying susceptibilities and help you to be proactive in maintaining optimal health.

3. A Unique Understanding of Your Needs
I understand what it is like to have to deal with a chronic illness, having a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ADHD or having to deal with "picky eating" chronic gut issues or a mood disorder
. Having someone that will listen and understand what your child may be going through, makes all the difference.

4. Treatments Based on Current Research
I run an evidence-based research practice. In some areas, like autism spectrum disorder (ASD), gastrointestinal conditions and mood disorders, research is rapidly expanding. Having a practitioner that keeps up to date with current research and tests, ensures that you will have someone that is in a unique position to help your child.

My Specialist Services


While face to face appointments are ideal. I appreciate that it may be inconvenient to travel far distances for appointments. Especially with an unco-operative child. Fortunately, CoVid has made tele-consultations part of daily life. Therefore, I offer the convenience of phone, Skype or WhatsApp appointment options within Australia.

Visit my website All Natural Advantage - not your usual health practitioner website. You will be pleasantly surprised!

For those parents that are serious about their children's health.
For parents that want to work with a practitioner with personal lived experience, of treating children, especially autism and ADHD.

Your Practitioner


Director, Public Speaker, Naturopath and video blogger, John Pietryka has been successfully helping children and adults to get well over the last 20 years. Johns approach is to blend research and traditional medicine to achieve optimum results for his patients.


  • Advanced Diploma Bachelor of Health Science In Naturopathy
  • Bachelor of Science In Medical Laboratory Science

Professional Membership

  • ANPA - Australian Naturopathic Practitioners' Association

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