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Altona Meadows Osteopathy & Healthcare Clinic

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Altona Meadows Osteopathy & Healthcare Clinic

Altona Meadows Osteopathy and Healthcare Clinic provides Osteopathic Treatment - read the answers to common questions here - phone the clinic to book.

Altona Meadows Osteopathy & Healthcare Clinic - FAQs

Do I need a Dr’s referral to see an Osteopath?

No, you don’t need a Dr.’s referral unless you are claiming from DVA or have been referred by your Dr. as an EPC patient.

Do you treat work cover (W/C), Comcare, transport accident commission (TAC), department of veterans affairs clients (DVA) or extended primary care (EPC)clients?

Yes all of these are accepted at the clinic. You do not need a referral if you are claiming from Work cover, Comcare or TAC. Veterans affairs clients need a Dr’s referral every 12 months. You can claim up to 5 visits per year with Medicare under the EPC program, however you must first be referred by your Dr. and this only applies to chronic conditions. Medicare will pay approximately $47.85 of your visit.

Should i bring any scans or x-rays that i've had with me?

Yes, always bring x-rays or any other scans/test results you have recently had to your visits.

What if I need an off work certificate?

An osteopath can provide an incapacity certificate which will usually be accepted by your employer in the same way as a medical doctors certificate. Osteopaths can provide ongoing certificates of incapacity for Workcover patients.

What if I don’t like having my neck or back being manipulated (cracked)? 

This will never under any circumstance be forced upon you. Your osteopath will explain the benefits and risks associated with any procedure and allow you to make your own decision. Your osteopath will inform you on and explain any technique being performed. Because we are armed with an array of techniques we don’t have to “crack” your joints if you are uncomfortable with this.


Will I be sore after my treatment?

There is a chance that for the first 48hrs after your treatment you will experience tenderness associated with your treatment. This will not happen to every-one but c be a common occurrence. This is because treatment is similar to a minor form of injury so that when the healing process occurs it will heal in the correct way. Not dissimilar to pain experienced after a work out.


Can I claim the treatment straight onto my health insurance?

Yes, we have hicaps available at the clinic so you can claim your treatments on the spot.


How many treatments will I need?

This will depend how long you have had your problem. Generally speaking the longer you have had your problem the more treatments you will need. However you should experience some relief or change in your problem eg. Feeling looser after just a couple of visits. Usually 3 treatments are suggested for longer problems and then your osteopath will reasses you and decide if there should be ongoing tretament or furhter investigation if there is no change in your symptoms.


What should i wear to the appointment?

It is best if you could wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing such as a track-suit, preferably no jeans.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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