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Karen Howard

Always Shine Brightly

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Empowering people to know that they know All of Life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!

Always Shine Brightly

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Energy Happiness Relaxation Motivation Love Stress Management

About Karen Howard

I come from a dysfunctional family and since I was a teenager I have wanted to let go of my conditioning from all levels so that I didn't turn into my mother! Over the years I have tried many modalities & techniques, and they all worked to a certain degree but as I got into my 40's I asked the universe for FAST change and thankfully it brought me to Access Consciousness.

So now I am committed to helping others achieve that change they are looking for - as fast as they want and with ease.

In addition to being a BARS Facilitator I am also a trained Holistic Counsellor, NLP Life Coach, Reiki Master and expert in relaxation, meditation and stress management.

I love Access BARS because on a purely physical level it helps you achieve deep relaxation, emptying the mind, and reducing stress AND also because it facilitates the release of conditioning & points of view from all lifetimes & all dimensions. How does it get any better?!

I also love the body processes and have been working with them regularly since my first 3 Day Body Class in October 2011.

I am available for private sessions by appointment, host regular Bars gift and receive and Body Process seasons and schedule a Bars class at least once a month.

"I've experimented with a lot of energy healers, but Karen has that 'special something' that sets her apart. A truly gifted practitioner who can tune into the needs of your body and heart and lifts them with the delicious currents of wellbeing they need. A session with Karen is a very special treat!" Nicole S.

"Not having heard of Access Bars my interest was piqued. After experiencing it I'm now a convert as it just makes so much sense; to go to the root energetic points of areas of your life where there are hurdles and to have them released (and from past lives too!) without even getting up off the massage table - Karen, you had me at massage!! But it's oh so much more, like the awesome stress relief. And the masterful language techniques. Oh oh oh, and there's the incredible sense of relaxation & having been nurtured as well." Heidi H.

"My sessions with Karen have been a revelation and timely support in my life. They have consisted of deep meditative states and fascinating synchronistic conversations about various aspects of myself that I knew were obstacles to my happiness and potential but previously hadn't been able to fully comprehend. Each session leaves me with new insights, renewed motivation, and openness to receive. Karen is also very skilled and knowledgeable in many other complementary modalities which broaden her sessions and make them unique." I.R.

Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing.

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