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With a plethora of modalities to improve your life, Pterraqua has the skills to work with you to create change. Whether you are limited by mindset, behaviours or spiritual blockages, we can work on creating change. 

Pterraqua- Healing and Coaching

Servicing area

Face to face- Brisbane

Focus areas

Limiting beliefs Relationship issues Anxiety Trauma therapy Social anxiety Behaviour problems

Skilled with a range of modalities to help you improve your life and wellbeing. Qualified life coach: working with you for improvements to your life. Goal setting and attainment; Life and employment changes. Helping you identify the changes you want, we work together to explore how to attain the life you want, creating a better version of your current self. 

NLP Practitioner: Changing mindset, habits and patterns. We remove old unwanted thoughts, creating a new blueprint with your version of happiness. Remove negativity, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you. We work with the sunconacoua mind for effective change.

Timeline Therapist: Limiting beliefs and negative emotions can be left in the past. We explore the root cause of these beliefs and limitations. This is effective for trauma, anger, guilt, sadness and hurt. Become the new you by letting go of the things that are holding you back.

Reiki Maater: offering in person and distance healing. Unblock or re align chakras, re attune and increase your energy flow. Add ons include chakra crystal attunement and:orSound tuning forks to increase and improve energy flow amd healing chakras. 

Wayapa Wuurk Practitioner of Indigenous Complimentary Therapy. A unique practice created by co founders Jamie Thomas and Sara Jones. Explore the connection between Mother Earth and ancestors. Wayapa is a meditative practice with guided mindfulness movements connecting you with 14 elements. 


4 Services


Crystal Therapy Energy Healing
$140 Per hour

Reiki healing and Chakra attune. Additional price for add ons that include Sound Fork Healing; Reiki with Crystals (Chakra attuning or unblocking)

Life Coach

Life Coaching
$280 Per session

Person change and goal driven. Using NLP techniques. Single sessions or tailored programs up to 12 weeks. All programs come with a discount amd must be paid upfront. Individual session price provided.


  • Reiki Master
  • Life Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Crystal Healer
  • Timeline Therapist
  • Wayapa Wuurk Practitioner

Professional Membership

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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