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Spiritual hypnotherapy to asscess the higher consciousness help heal unresolved traumas, illness or behaviours 

Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Focus areas

Chronic health issues Fears Wellbeing Digestive disorders Family health Aches & pains

Spiritual hypnotherapy utilises various hypnotic modalities to tap into the higher consciousness of one's awareness to resolve unwanted behaviors and unresolved taumas and illness. There may be an underlying reason for the unresolved issues in the auric / energetic field of a self. The following techniques are utilised to help a client achieve their health and happiness to a comfortable level.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Each human being is composed of the five basic elements (water, air, fire, earth and ether). While the soul which is pure consciousness resides in this so called human flesh we are alive. Once the soul lives we are pronounced dead.

If we all are made of the exactly the same why then each one of us differ from birth. We are unique in every aspect, health wealth, intelligence, ability can be a millionaire and one could be beggar and so forth. What is that which determines how our life would be on earth.?

While we are in harmony with ourselves, our nature, and our environment all is well for us and we are happy. But what if we are out of balance in any aspect and we are not able to receive the desired resolution from the health, wealth, and other professional? Could it be a result of our past life baggage which may need off-loading? Are there any blockages from the past that needs clearing? A soul fragment of the past life personality gets attached in the present life. This only happens for the issue that the control centre of the higher self has planned to get resolved in the present life.

The technique:

The subconscious mind has all the data from all our past lives. Under hypnosis the therapist is able to investigate the cause of an issue which may have its root in one of the past lives. Once discovered the trauma of the incident is cleared. Clearing in the Past Life changes the present resolving the issue. For example, if a client has claustrophobia for no apparent reason. When taken into the Past Life for the cause of the claustrophobia the present life the client may see themselves in a situation where they were suffocated in a confined space. The incident may be reframed in the Past Life or the request is given to the subconscious mind to break the bonds of time by releasing those memories of the past and letting the client breathe normally.

This changes the present life and the client ceases to be claustrophobic.

Chakra realignment & Aura Cleansing

Besides the physical body there are seven energetic layers referred to as Sheaths which surrounds the physical body. These are directly connected to the seven chakras (subtle energy centres along the spine from the coccyx to the crown of the head. Each energy centres or chakras correspond to nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. For a total wellbeing the chakras need to be aligned and free from any blockages and the sheaths and aura need in harmony.

Talking to the organs of the body

Atoms –Molecules – cells- tissue- organs-system- organism

Just as there is the overall me, there are also many smaller individual aspects of that me, represented in my tissues and organs themselves. In the dynamic world of information within my body, there is a distinct consciousness in each of my organs. Our organs store memories and also contain information. 

And they can talk to us. The big me can go in and establish a dialogue with the different organs and tissues                                                     

Technique to release spirit

Unlike exorcism, this technique is practised with utmost love for all, without exception.  Ie. the trapped souls are released with love and respect. These lost souls deserve as much love and respect as any of us (living).

The client is hypnotised and the therapist request the subconscious mind to allow the spirit / entity to surface up. Once the spirit makes its appearance the therapist approaches the spirit with utmost love and respect (these spirits are lost souls requiring love and compassion). There is always a dialogue between the spirit and the therapist and once the spirit agrees to accept help it is then released in the white light. The client immediately feels the relief.

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Bowen therapy

Bowen Therapy Bowen Therapy Bowen Therapy Bowen Therapy
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gentle holistic approach to total well being


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well being at all levels ranging from habit control to unresolved issues at all level

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  • Certificate In Past Life Regression
  • Diploma In Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma In Bowen Therapy

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  • ASCH - The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists
  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists
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