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Julie gained her degree in Health Science at ECU, Perth WA , and has since experienced working with people in counselling and health related fields over a 25-year period

Amor Counselling

Servicing area

Fremantle, Western Australia

Focus areas

Purpose Growth Eating disorders Anxiety Grief Stress Management

Welcome to Amor Counselling
"experience more love for yourself
and those important to you"

Your needs are met with confidential, caring, personal counselling and therapy suited to your unique situation.
As an individual or couple it's important to know that your problems will be explored in a caring manner with sensitivity and ongoing support

Amor Counselling is a private, confidential practice established by JULIE AMOR in 1990 to offer assistance and support to individuals, couples and families wishing to find solutions to issues causing mental and emotional distress in their lives.

Julie gained her degree in Health Science at ECU, Perth, and has since experienced working with people in counselling and health related fields over a 25-year period. Following her general and psychiatric nursing experience, her main focus became mental health and she gained registration in 1978. She has continued her interest and studies and has just completed a Masters in Psychoanalytic Studies.

Concurrent with establishing her own practice in Fremantle, Julie was contracted by 'Relationships Australia' where she developed specialised skills in the area of relationship counselling and domestic violence.

She maintains contact with other professionals within the industry for the purpose of receiving ongoing professional supervision and benefits from training workshops.

Trained counsellors offer all therapy sessions.

Problems and Issues

  • Relationship Issues
  • Time together
  • Separation
  • Personal Growth
  • Loss and Grief
  • Mens Issues
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sexuality & Sexual Dysfunction
  • Parenting Issues
  • Work Related Stress

Our Services

  • Phone Counselling

      Appointments are made prior and session times agreed. The fees are charged on a pro-rata basis.

      Payment by credit card or cheque in advanced.

  • Personal Counselling

      Appointments are made on a one to one basis or for couples and families. Normal sessions are for 1 hour between the hours of:

      9am - 5pm Tues - Fri
      9am - 8pm Wed
      9am - 12pm Saturday (excluding public holidays)

      Appointments outside of the above times are possible by special arrangement.

  • E Counselling

      This service is via E-mail or Relay Chat and offers discrete personal counselling for:
      • People who prefer anonymity
      • People who live in remote areas

      Live Relay Chat sessions use programs such as ICQ and must be arranged by appointment

  • Groups

      Groups dealing with both men and women's issues will be conducted periodically according to interest levels registered.


    Counselling Sessions
    1 Hour Sessions (Joint Session)$95   ($105)
    1/2 Hour Session$60
    1 Hour (A/Hours) Session* (Joint)$110  ($120)
    1/2 Hour (after hours ) Session*$70
    Groups per 90 min Sessioncurrently unavailable
    E- Counselling/ChatPro-rata fees for time (as above)
    Blocks of 6 sessions paid in Advance $510 & $570 
    $570 & $630 (after hours)
    *After Hours are outside of business hours (9am-4.30pm Mon - Fri)

    Payment Options
    Payment for personal counselling is made at the time of appointment or by arrangement with counsellor. This can be in the form of cheque, cash or credit card.

    E Counselling or Phone Counselling sessions can be paid via credit card. Details of credit card can be supplied over the phone or via email in advance.

    Words from afar

    I was first introduced to Julie Amor's counselling service, back several dark years when I was stumbling through the depressed years of my life.

    I felt there was little hope after washing through a myriad of other sessions with other counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists. It appeared that I was to be subject matter for every new theory, technique and syndrome that was addressed as flavour of the therapist's union month.

    Julie's natural approach and down to earth communication changed all that for me and challenged my way of thinking. Her CTC technique (cut the crap) levelled my views of not just my own life but my attitude towards the world. Julie guided me through my depression, helped me to understand my relationships with others and lead me to a healthy way of living. Julie Amor saved my life both emotionally and physically.

    Christopher Crane- alive and kicking

    To Whom it May Concern

    I can recommend Julie to anyone that is looking for practical solutions to overcome lifes hurdles and issues in a relaxing, secure and safe environment. Julie is both honest and sincere in her approach and will view each issue in a non judgemental and understanding way.

    Working with her over a number of sessions has had deep and profound impact on the way I now relate to people in my life and face the normal everyday experiences of living. I consider my time spent with Julie as one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences of my life.

    John Dickenson

    I attended Amor Counseling Practice for several months. I found that Julie's professionalism coupled with a real interest and caring attitude made me feel comfortable to trust in her, enabling me to work through a number of important issues in my life. I have no hesitation in recommmending Amor Counselling practice and in particular Julie.

    Ann Cullen

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