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Amore Pilates

Daniela Amore

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I have an extensive background in massage therapy and I am extremely passionate about all of the things that have to do with a healthy body.

About Amore Pilates

About Me - Daniela Amore (aka Danny)

I came to Pilates a bit later on in life as a result of chronic ongoing lower back pain, that was a result of my second pregnancy. For the first time ever I experienced truly debilitating back pain. Through remedial therapy I learned that I needed to enhance and strengthen my body and my remedial therapist instructed that I conduct some small core strengthening exercises and told me to go back to strength training. It was at this I didn’t know about Pilates, so I did what I knew, I took up weight training once again. I was doing this three times in a week and I found that this helped me a lot. I then came to realise if I dropped this down to twice a week the back pain would return. After going back to work and raising two small children, I no longer had the time nor the energy to continue with my workouts three times a week and the back pain came back in its original intensity. A friend then recommended classical Pilates. I then began attending some classes once a week. After 6 months I began to notice that my back pain had disappeared. I then took practicing Pilates twice a week and ever since then back pain has ceased to cause any dramas in my life.

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