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Anne Muscatello

Anne Muscatello

East Bentleigh VIC 3165

Servicing area: East Bentleigh, Victoria

Anne Muscatello
Enriching and empowering the lives of children & parents

Anne Muscatello - Other Services

Anne also assists by offering consultations with the aim of supporting parents. Anne provides guidance, strategies and skills relating to child behaviour and development with the aim of fostering appropriate child interactions to nurture, enhance and enrich the connection within the parent-child relationship.

Anne will facilitate parent and child sessions, which aim to assist parents with the knowledge and application of age appropriate tools and strategies to foster engagement and interaction with their children to further strengthen the parent/child relationship through the modality of play.

Anne is an approved clinical supervisor for Play Therapy Australasia/International. Her role is to provide education, support and advice which assists trainee and qualified play therapists with their clinical practice whilst engaged in the therapeutic process with clients.

Using a developmentally appropriate play based approach, The Circle of Friends Program focuses on building self esteem and resilience in children. It aims to enrich children's confidence in establishing and/or enhancing the ability to express and manage their emotions, resulting in positive social and relationship building experiences. Programs available for pre school and primary aged children.

The program operates during school terms and only proceeds with a minimum 6 enrolments to ensure an optimum environment and opportunity for children to effectively engage within the social dynamic.

As facilitator, Anne focuses on creating an adaptable environment fostering acceptance, empowerment and confidence within each child.

The program incorporates art, music, storytelling, dramatic play and relaxation activities. It consists of 6x1 hour sessions for the children, with a
parent only session at the commencement and conclusion of the program providing practical information and question time relevant to the application of the program concepts.


Anne is also available for professional development, consulting and workshops to parent groups, educational networks and affiliated organisations. Anne discusses a wide range of topics including the importance of play, play based therapy, child development and behaviour management. Anne is dedicated to offering quality services which are specifically tailored to reflect the needs, interests and diversity of each individual and/or group.


Anne has completed a Play Therapy in Schools pilot initiative within a local primary school in the Monash municipality. The initial 10-week
pilot initiative was kindly sponsored by a real estate agency within the
local area.

The rationale for this program acknowledges that schools may often encounter children with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties and teachers may be the first to identify these concerns for their students. Play Therapy/Holistic Counselling within educational environments can assist children with recovery from difficult life experiences, however also aid children to become more receptive to learning and aims to enhance educational achievement. Play Therapy in schools aims to assist by:
  • Helping children to build improved relationships with education staff and peers
  • Reducing emotional, behavioural and social obstacles which may impact on effective learning
  • Improve adaptation within the classroom environment
  • Enhancing emotional literacy
  • Supporting teaching staff
If you have any further queries regarding Play Therapy in Schools or wish for your school, early learning centre or kindergarten to participate in a pilot initiative, please send your enquiry to Anne.

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