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Anahata Yoga

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At Anahata Yoga, Paula Wybrow's classes enhance health, harmony and happiness.

Anahata Yoga


Paula's classes include asana (postures and stretches), pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), relaxation and meditation practices. The classes (timetable), are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Yoga works to release tensions and increase energy, flexibility and awareness. The postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation practices all work together to integrate the body, mind and spirit. Body, breath, bliss!

Anahata Yoga classes are held in Frankston and Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

Paula Wybrow

Paula has been teaching a range of yoga classes and workshops since 1998. She is a Senior Level 3 teacher with Yoga Australia, and is also accredited through the Academy of Yoga Science.


Meditation is a process of stilling the body and allowing the mind to quieten. There are a number of different techniques to do this which we will explore and experience in this class. The benefits of meditation are many including the reduction of stress, deeper, more restful sleep, clarity of thinking and improved concentration. Meditation helps us access our inner knowledge and higher wisdom. Through meditation we can develop a calm and positive frame of mind which is beneficial in dealing with the challenges in our lives.


Kirtan is a combination of Mantra, Music and Meditation. It is the melodic singing of mantra—the yoga of sound vibration. The positive sound vibrations contained within the mantras create powerful healing energy and uplift our consciousness. Singing kirtan helps to release deep-seated tensions within us. It can be joyful and uplifting as well as deeply devotional. Kirtan is an easy and enjoyable form of meditation.

For bookings and enquiries call or text Paula Wybrow on 0433 960 021, or send an email

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