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Reena Misra

Ananda Hypnotherapy

Pennant Hills NSW 2120

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Ananda Health - Hypnotherapy, Psycho Counselling, Meditaion

Servicing area

Inner West, Pennant Hills, Hornsby

Focus areas

Emotions Anxiety Stress Management Depression Losing weight Quit smoking

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ANANDA Hypnotherapy

Reena brings her life experiences and passion to help you make the changes you want.

She combines *hypnotherapy, *psychotherapy, *cognitive behavioural therapy, *hypno-counseling, *past life regression and *NLP to help you set your mind Free.

She further enables you with tools, such as handy hypno recording, meditation and visualisation to continue to live the change.

At ANANDA, allow Reena to help you reach your subconscious mind, listen to it and find your answers. Allow her to help you overcome unwanted beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours and embed the desired behaviours - behaviours that you choose and want.

 About Reena

  • Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

  • Past Life Regression Therapist

  • Meditation coach

Reena is easy to approach and empathetic. Her clients have found it easy to be able to share their concerns and difficulties with her. Her therapy provides a safe and comfortable environment for her clients to freely explore their issues, better understand the cause of their difficulties and achieve a desired solution.

Reena’s special skill lies in helping her client’s overcome anxiety, stress and depression so that they able to fully appreciate life. Reena ensures that she provides her clients enough tools in their life’s toolkit to continue to experience a positive change as they navigate the day to day.

Along with experience as a hypnotherapist, Reena has a long career in the corporate world working for organisations across Australia, USA and India.



“Initially I was a little skeptical about this kind of healing process. Having gone through Reena’s hypnosis treatment over the past few months, I have achieved mental peace and stability having overcome stress and PTSD symptoms, while not having to resort to medication. Reena went above and beyond in patiently understanding the deep-rooted causes of my anguish and addressed them with great skill and perseverance. I strongly recommend Reena to help you  cope with today’s challenging demands at work and with one’s personal life.” – AB

"Firstly, I just want to say if you want to heal – TRULY heal – then do not think twice! Reena is the most amazing and incredible healer. My initial intention to work with Reena was to resolve heightened anxiety that had resurfaced in my life.

In working with Reena I was able to identify the reason the anxiety had reappeared in my life and as such, was provided easy and simple tools to use in between sessions to help me in resolving the anxiety.

The greatest gift was learning more about me and my patterns, and this knowledge has been powerful in my healing journey as I finally make healthy change in my life.

Reena is a wise, empathetic and kind person with a light and generous spirit - I always looked forward to my sessions with her. .

Reena's ability to read between the words I spoke is part of her magic; her gift. As such, I felt heard and understood, and believe her kindness, generosity and wisdom are rare to find.

With every session with Reena, I just knew that I would be walking away with new knowledge and new wisdom of my own which empowered me to heal myself not just during my time with Reena, but long after!

I just want to say again, Thank you Reena. There are no words to express the deep gratitude I feel having worked with you." - JC

“I had hypnotherapy sessions with Reena to overcome job-related stress. I found the sessions very productive and was able to jump back to my job with renewed enthusiasm.” – AM



  • Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Certificate In Past Life Regression
  • Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Certified NLP Practitioner

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