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Quit Smoking For Life

Andrew Vening

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Quit Smoking For Life

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Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hi I'm Andrew Vening,

I want to tell you why after countless times of trying to quit, you STILL WANT TO SMOKE.

Well.. Nicotine isn't the only thing that makes smoke. To quit successfully you have to actually overcome and re-program six different addictive triggers.

1. Your addiction to nicotine...
2. The association to the habit itself...
3. When you are tense and stressed...
4. When you are tired and frustrated...
5. When you are bored and need stimulation...
6. When you are relaxed or are having fun...

Thatís why most conventional quit smoking products donít work. They only relive the nicotine in your bloodstream and fail to address all these six different triggers. Left Untreated YOU BASICALLY WON'T QUIT.

Something to consider here is that nicotine replacement products wonít do ANYTHING for your addiction to nicotine. They only FUEL It. This will actually lead to more stress and longer term feelings of being deprived AND WILL ULTIMATELY LEAD YOU BACK TO SMOKING!

Thatís why people who only use these quit smoking aids generally always fail.

So what can you do?

Well simply Ė If you want to actually Quit Smoking for life, you have to RE-PROGRAM all these six different triggers that keep you smoking.

I have designed a fast, two session program that will treat and re-program all these six different addictive triggers - Ultimately giving you all the tools and the mindset you need to succeed. With my help you will be back in control and free form the cigarettes Ė for life

When you make an appointment in my Quit Smoking Program, you will get access to my welcome pack that includes a full success manual and DVD pack valued at $59 that is full of resources to give you a kick start with your quit smoking success...

Then we make a face to face appointment and have two sessions of hypnotherapy where together we will work to treat all six triggers of smoking.

Stop making excuses, take this step now and make your appointment today.

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"I loved doing this program. I finally feel as if I can quit now and it feels amazing. Thank you Andrew, this is truly sensational and I will recommend this to anyone" - Jason, Sydney NSW

After smoking for more than 20 years, I'm so glad I did this program and quit smoking. Everyone has been so supportive of me and now I have more energy and time to spend with my daughter and my wife. It's so good to be without the smokes". Warwick, Gladesville, NSW.

Hi Andrew, Thank you so much for everything,I am feeling great and have come leaps and bounds since we began. I have also managed to loose 5Kg, Wow! I'm so glad I did this. Belinda, Manly NSW

Hi Andy. I want to send you a massive shout out for the work we have done together. I really feel so good about the situation I'm in now with my health. I want to let you know how grateful I am to have my life back. I still cant believe I just came to you wanting some help quitting smoking and then walked away with a total new outlook of life. Thank you so much. Rohan, Balmain NSW

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