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Animal Equilibrium - Animal Therapies

Focus areas

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Animal Equilibrium offers a range of natural Animal Therapies and workshops from its premises at Bringelly (10mins from Dogs NSW) as well as mobile services for horses and other animals by arrangement.

Animal Equilibrium works with the body's innate healing energy and potential to promote the health of companion and performance animals on three levels :
  • Physical
  • Emotional and Behavioural
  • Mental
to be healthy, animals, like us need to be "in balance" on all of these levels.

Why choose Animal Equilibrium?
  • I am fully qualified in the modalities that I offer and can provide a holistic and integrative approach incorporating a range of approaches best suited to your animal.
  • I have extensive ( over 30yrs experience) in the training , handling of dogs and horses – I understand animals!
  • I have had health problems with my own animals, that is what led me to do what I do today, because I know that natural therapies can provide an answer
  • I own animals, love animals and know how important our pets are in our lives, I know your concerns and fears
  • I have had good outcomes over a period of 10 years solely working with animals of all species
We are SOLELY dedicated to working with animals, using natural therapy modalities which have shown proven results. To view case studies and testimonials, click here

Animal Equilibrium has had success with the following concerns :
  • soft tissue injuries /lameness
  • flexion/extension of limbs and body
  • back/hip injuries
  • gait abnormalities
  • show/trial stress with performance animals
  • breathing capacity
  • allergies and skin conditions
  • anxiety/behavioural/emotional problems
  • poor eating habits
Animal Equilibrium has worked with a range of animals including - canines, equines, felines ( both pet and show/performance), farm animals, captive zoo animals & wildlife.

How might Animal Equilibrium help you and your companion animal?

Preventative Program:
  • Maintaining muscle subtleness
  • Strength and joint flexibility
  • Preventative nutrition
  • Fostering innate healing potential.
Remedial Program:
  • Assist and facilitate recuperation from injury, surgery and in the care of chronic and debilitating conditions.
  • Discover how your animal can *recover from injuries faster * release pain * handle stress
  • Support for anxiety and other behavioural problems - using a range of modalities to support emotional wellbeing and behavioural change.

The following healing modalities are used by Animal Equilibrium:
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Kinesiology & Neural Organisation Technique (NOT)
  • Photonic Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Aroma medics using Young Living Therapeutic essential oils
  • Flower Essences and Homeopathy
  • Laser Therapy

About these techniques:

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a tactile remedial therapy technique involving a planned series of moves on the animal’s body surface over specific muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments, acupoints and trigger points.

Kinesiology and NOT

Techniques include the use of acupressure and acupoint work, meridian balancing, attention to lymphatic and, neuro-vascular reflex, spinal reflex, trigger and body points,cranial /sacral and pelvic balancing, attention to reactive muscle and meridian patterns. Muscle monitoring is used to determine priority areas for balancing.

Photonic Therapy

is a technique developed by Dr Brian McLaren and is a scientifically advanced form of acupuncture using broad band 660nm red light to painlessly and safely stimulate tissue.

Flower and Crystal Essences

Help in resolving emotional and behavioural problems and in supporting emotional recovery from trauma, surgery or debilitating illnesses.

Nutritional Advice

To support recovery processes following injury or illness or as part of preventative healthcare

Reiki & Crystal Therapy

Harmonising and balancing of the meridians, chakra and energy patterns of the body using hands and crystals wands.

Aroma-medics using Young Living Essential Oils

Helen trained with Dr Melissa Shelton (DVM), on the use of therapeutic grade essential oils for physical and emotional problems. Helen only works with and recommends YL oils.

All approaches are gentle, minimally invasive and incorporate animal wellbeing centred on animal empathy and respect.

Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also called cold laser, is a form of photo biomodulation which involves the application of monochromatic and coherent light to injuries and lesions to stimulate healing, reduce pain, and to promote tissue repair and nerve regeneration.

Small Animal Consultations and Therapy Services:

Full Consultation :

You can arrange for an initial /full consultation that incorporates a comprehensive assessment of your animal and includes the use of a range of therapies to address physical, emotional or mental imbalances. A full consultation usually takes 90minutes and is $85/90.

Bodywork Therapies :

Bodywork sessions only using a range of bodywork techniques ( Bowen Therapy, Kinesiology & Acupressure, Photonic Therapy, Crystal Therapy) vary between $45-$60 depending on the modalities used. These sessions are usually 45- 60minutes. Young Living essential oils can be used during these treatments. Ask Helen about a Raindrop Technique for your Dog or Cat!

Essence/Homeopathy and Nutritional Consultations :

If you wish to arrange an Essence or Homeopathy consultation this is $60 and includes completing a comprehensive behavioural and/or intake sheet which is analysed and tailored essences or homeopathic remedies are then prepared. In the case of nutritional consultations, advice is provided on aspects of nutrition and appropriate supplements. Advice on dosage, and use of the essences as part of a behavioural program are discussed. These consultations consultation can be done via email /phone and remedies then dispatched. Consultation fee includes one remedy.

Reiki healings :

Reiki healings, in person and via distance can be arranged. Pricings will vary and it is suggested that you contact Helen in the first instance via email or phone. Reiki can be incorporated into combined therapy sessions but is also beneficial as a sole healing modality.

When therapies are provided in your own home, there are additional travel fees. Please contact Helen for details.

Equine Consultations & Therapies

Bodywork modalities :

a range of bodywork modalities can be incorporated into a treatment for your pleasure or performance horse. Fees vary depending on modalit(ies) used and location but start at $60 per horse.

Essence and Homeopathic consultations – fees are as per small animal consultations, $60 which includes one tailored remedy.

Reiki healings :

Reiki healings, in person and via distance can be arranged. Pricings will vary and it is suggested that you contact Helen in the first instance via email or phone. Reiki can be incorporated into combined therapy sessions but is also beneficial as a sole healing modality

We offer services for small animals at :

Bringelly - 10mins from the Dogs NSW Show Grounds at Erskine Park, in a semi rural part of Western Sydney.

A mobile service is available to most parts of the Sydney Metropolitan Area (including Blue Mountains and Wollondilly) however additional costs will apply in some situations. Further information about consultations and pricing can be located here

A mobile service is available for equine treatments

Reiki and Kinesiology can be provided via distance healing.

Essence /homeopathic and nutritional consultations can be arranged over the phone and/or via email.

Discounts are available for aged and disabled pensioners and for households/ properties/kennel/cat/clubs that have more than one animal for treatment as part of a scheduled mobile therapy session. Please see our website DESIGNER PLEASE INSERT LINK TO URL { } for more details on range of services, discounts and pricings.

We also offer workshops:


Small group training ( no more than 6 participants) guaranteed

Whilst workshops are scheduled, they are also run “on demand”, so please enquire even if dates are not suitable. Check website for dates and fees.

BOWEN THERAPY ESSENTIALS – 2 day workshop Canine and Equine programs
IICT Accredited

This is the first module of the Certificate in either the Canine or Diploma Equine Bowen Therapy programs (Smart Bowen College), but is also geared for the home user to learn how to use Bowen techniques to maintain the health and wellbeing of horses or dogs.

ANIMAL HOMEOPATHY – 1 day workshop

An introduction to the use of remedies for first aid and common ailments with animals. Includes a first aid kit with 8 remedies. Comprehensive manual and instruction sheets. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss individual issues and animal cases as part of workshop program.


This provides the handler of the canine athlete with bodywork skills and remedies to maximize performance. Includes how to assess your dog, warm up and cool down routines, stretch programs for particular sports, acupressure & massage for performance, remedies for enhancing performance and recovery. Comprehensive manual provided along with an assessment of each dog by Helen. Personalised instruction and training.


Learn about the healing powers of flower essences for health and wellbeing. Learn how to assess information about animals in order to select appropriate essences to aid emotional healing. Workshop is particular suitable for animal trainers and groomers

ANIMAL REIKI APPLICATIONS - A workshop for Reiki 1& 11 practitioners – 1 day workshop
IICT Accredited

For those who have already completed Shoden & Okuden but wish to learn how to apply healing techniques to animals.

REIKI 1 & ANIMAL REIKI TRAINING - 2 day workshop
IICT Accredited

Learn the basics and foundations of Reiki plus meditations and techniques for application with people and animals. Includes attunement to Reiki Level 1. Hands on practice between sessions to allow for feedback and enhanced learning. Certificate given with completion including Reiki lineage.


This workshop is geared for the home user who is interested in learning muscle testing and kinesiology techniques in a way that can empower them to promote health and wellbeing with their animals. It is not a professional program, nor geared for the professional kinesiologist, although welcome to attend.


Biochemic Therapy provides the body with the deficient minerals in a potentiated form and this assists in the restoration of body balance. Mineral tissue salts can have an alleviating effect in chronic cases as well as in acute situations and also work on a preventative level. There are twelve mineral tissue salts and each has a guiding set of principles for how they may assist the body in healing and wellbeing. Participants are provided with a kit of 12 Mineral Tissue Salts and prescriber manual for application across a range of symptoms and conditions commonly seen in canines, felines and equines.


The emphasis of the workshop is raw food diets and unravelling the wreath of information out there and making it simple for the average dog owner. The workshop will also look at how to read dog food labels and make wise healthy choices for your dog. The workshop will include some practical hands on food preparation and all participants get to take home a starter pack of healthy ingredients.


Participants will be introduced to the range and application of essential oils with animals, but focus will be mainly on canines, felines and equines. YL oils are used during the program and hands on use of the oils with animals is part of the learning.

Would you like to know more about animal natural therapies?

For case studies and testimonials, click here

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