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Karen von Ahlefeldt

Animal Communicator & Natural Energy Healer

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Animal Communicator & Natural Energy Healer

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Northern Rivers, New South Wales

Focus areas

Reading Pets Energy Death Vision Distant healing

Many times our pets wish to communcate to us but we do understand them.
Often people contact me after rescuing a pet from an animal shelter and they would like to know the animals background or life experiences. During the telepathic communication, healing energy is transmitted, calming and soothing the animals spirit which is sometimes distressed and broken. I have had many clients comment on a significant difference in their pets behaviour since the session took place and that there is a stronger bond with their beloved pet.

The animals are also grateful for this opportunity to have a voice and be heard.

How does this happen?

We humans are part of the animal kingdom. We have the same emotions and yearnings to survive and live in harmony with those around us.

We are energy beings and so are animals of all shapes and sizes, both domestic and wild.

Back in time when humans were hunters and gatherers their language was very different. To communicate with each other, humans used body language vocal sounds and telepathy. Our ancestors used all of their senses to survive and had a more advanced respect for nature and the animals that they came into contact with, even those animals that were killed as food. Our ancestors thanked the animal for giving up it’s life so they could feed their family and survive another day.

Today our language is very different. We are more verbal and do not connect to our environment and animals in the same way. Many people do not even believe that animals have souls, thoughts or feelings! We now know even plants have life force energy.

We are all able to connect to animals if we take the time to sit quietly and allow the information to pass into our energy field.

The energy that we connect to is timelees and so we have to decifer what is past or present information. For instance I may see a backyard but the description I give does not describe my clients backyard, it may then be the yard where the pet was born or a previous owners yard. This is a simple example.

Many times after being asked to communicate with a pet the energy of the pet comes through immediately as it is eager to give me messages to pass on to it’s human companion. The animals are so excited to have this opportunity even just to say “hi I understand you and what you are going through, everything will be alright” or it wants to say “thank you for taking good care of me, I love you, thank you.”

It can be a very emotional time for the client when reading the transcript.

Connecting from a distance.

What I do is very similar to heart felt prayer. The power of heart felt prayer (i.e. coming straight from the heart, with strong emotion) is stronger than people realise. We can pray for someone on the other side of the earth and it is as powerful as being in the same room and holding the persons hand. When working with distant healing, telepathic energy, or life force energy we are working within the realm of not only love but also scientifically proven quantum physics.

How often have you thought of someone and seconds later the phone will ring and that very same person is on the phone. Or, as you pick up the ringing phone you already know who is on the line before the person has said a word.

Love is a very powerful emotion producing very powerful energy vibrations. This is why we have such strong bonds with our pets and why they are so attuned to us. Many people are more in tune to their animals thoughts than they realise and visa versa.

How to begin…

I ask my clients to email me a photo of their pet, preferabley one showing the pets eyes. I ask them to also send me any questions they may have for the pet and I also need to know the pets name, age and sex.

It helps me to tap into the animals energy field by looking at a photograph, or I can also make a connection if I talk to the client over the phone. Because the clients love their pets and their energy fields are intertwined I am able to connect in that way.

When love is present there can be no darkness, love is light, where there is light there can be no darkness.

I ask the pet all the questions asked from the client and if the animal is reported to be sick or in pain after doing a body scan I will transmit healing energy. The animal takes what energy is needed.

Once the session is over I will type out the communication as close to word for word and any other visions, feelings, emotions or scents that came through. The transcript is then emailed back to the client. I am available if the client wishes to speak to me over the phone about the transcript to get clarity or if they have anymore questions.

I am also able to communicate with animals that have passed over

This can be so important to some clients when the animal died a sudden death, was in pain before it died or they had to give a vet permission for euthanasia. I can give you closure and help you to say good bye. The pets stay with us when they pass over to the otherside of the veil. They look over us at night while we sleep, they sit by our side as we work or watch tv. If you have anything you wish to ask your belated pet I can help. Your pet may also have something to say to you. Would you like to know what it has to say?

If you would like me to communicate with your companion this is how it works.

Email me the following:
  • A clear photo of your pet making sure the eyes are clearly visible
  • The name, sex and age of your pet
  • Questions you may wish me to ask
  • Issues you may want raised
  • Your name & telephone number

It can take me a few days to a week to complete the task. Once done I will send you a written transcript of the reading.

Contact details:

Karen von Ahlefeldt
Email: animalreadings@gmail.com
Telephone: 02 664 66896
Mobile: 045 0269 555

Please make a donation of $50.00 into the following bank account.

Bank: ANZ
Acc: 1806-17891
Reference please add your surname

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you and meeting your beloved pet(s).

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