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Anna Talaj Natural Therapies

Anna Talaj

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Servicing area: Vermont, Victoria

AT Natural Therapies uses a range of herbs, supplements, diet & nutrition, homoeopathy, Bach Flowers and essential oils to provide a treatment solution that will help you achieve better health

Anna Talaj Natural Therapies

Anna Talaj is a qualified and accredited Naturopath, who is passionate about helping to restore people to their individual optimum level of health and well being.

Over a career spanning 21 years, Anna has cared for people of all ages, and treated a wide range of presenting ailments. From stomach problems, to reproductive health, Anna utilises a specially tailored mix of herbal medicine, and an array of natural healing modalities: Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Remedial therapy, to assist people with their symptoms, and deal with the underlying causes of their health problems.

As a mother, Anna has a particular affinity with women's and children's health and has found that women and children's issues respond well to her blend of naturopathic treatments.

Anna has witnessed a huge cultural shift in the way people perceive and respond to Naturopathy since she graduated with a Diploma of Applied Science - Naturopathy from the Southern School of Natural Therapies in 1990. No longer perceived exclusively as the health choice of hippys, Anna has found that Naturopathic healthcare is now seen as the first port of call for an increasing cross section of the public. More and more, natural health care treatments are also seen as an adjunct to mainstream medicine and treatments, or when mainstream medicine is seen to have failed.

Specializing in;
  • female & male hormonal testing
  • digestive health, bowel & detox support
  • sleep improvements
  • immune recovery & strengthening
  • low energy & mood imbalance
  • weight management & stress disorders
  • fertility & children's health
  • better food plans & education
  • all healthcare, all ages

AT Natural Therapies offers a range of tests to identify any deficiencies that can contribute to ill health.

Testing may include;

Zinc Tally Test - this is FREE at your first consultation & will determine if you have a zinc deficiency. Zinc is a very important mineral in supporting digestive, skin, reproductive & immune health. It is also vital in children's healthy growth & development.
Urinary Indicans - this is an useful indicator of bacteria levels in the digestive system. It is an important test to monitor the process of detoxification & elimination in the body. Also FREE at your first consultation.
Blood Typing - Determining whether you are Blood Type A, B, O, or AB, can greatly assist in guiding the most appropriate treatment for your body. If you don't already know your blood type, this test will determine if you are a Type A, B, O, or AB. This is very useful information when planning your food & lifestyle recommendations. FREE with consultation.
Urinary/Saliva pH - simple to use take home pH Test Strips to monitor acidity levels in the urine & saliva. This information will allow you to adjust food, drinks & supplements for a balanced pH result. FREE with consultation.
Iridology - markings in the iris can show the conditions of various organs & systems in the body. Tongue & Nail diagnosis - signs here can reflect the state of health within the body.
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Anna Talaj Natural Therapies