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Anne Cousins

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For all of your professional Homeopathy & Vitamin needs, you can't go past Anne Cousins in Berwick. Treatments are available for people of all ages and suffering from a variety of health issues.

Anne Cousins - Homeopathy & Vitamins

Servicing area

Berwick and Pakenham, Victoria

Focus areas

Joy Growth Restoration Muscle tone Well-being Stress management


Homeopathic remedies use natural plant and mineral substances in highly dilluted form to stimulate the bodies curative processes. Anne incorporates some homeopathic remedies into her work. She finds these remedies especially useful when treating children.


Vitamins supply a concentrated dose of elements that are sometimes insufficient in modern food sources. Therefore they can be helpful as supplements to a healthy diet. They are also very helpful when certain elements in the body are depleted during times of stress when the immune system is often more heavily taxed.

Two vitamins in particular play important roles as part of Anne's approach to health maintenance and restoration:
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin C

Vitamin B Complex
  • Supports and increases the rate of metabolism.
  • Maintains healthy skin and muscle tone.
  • Enhances the immune and nervous system function.
  • Promotes cell growth and division ― including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia.

Vitamin C
  • Improves and strengthens the immune system
Although these are the two main supplements that assist in maintaining the general balance of a healthy body other vitamin supplements are also useful to treat more specific ailments that might develop as a result of stress or illness. Other vitamins are useful over a short period of time to restore the immune system and rebalance the functioning of the body
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