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Annette Lombardo

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'Annette has a very calm and welcoming personality that immediately made me feel comfortable and relaxed, I have thoroughly enjoyed my shiatsu sessions with her to date. I came out of each treatment feeling brighter, clearer and more energised, and knew that something had immediately shifted within me. Other things continued to shift over time too. For example, I noticed improved sleeping patterns, better digestion and that I had a more positive and confident overall perspective. I look forward to continuing to work with Annette to strip back the layers of past challenges and emotions that no longer serve me, in order to become my best self'.


Annette,I would like to thank you for the shiatsu treatments I have received from you these past months..This has been a new experience and one I am happy to say has been tremendous.

The results I feel is a balance between my body and mind and very much my emotions..

All feels now in tune and functional, it is really quite amazing.Your experience is obvious and your care and genuine interest in helping
others is lovely.

I have enjoyed getting to know you and the ancient chinese methods of shiatsu. I am emotionally at peace and the future is no longer controlled by negativity, anxiety and insecurity.

I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you again.

It is the high light of my trips as I travel between Sydney and Brisbane.

Cheers Sheryl M.


I have know Annette Lombardo for the past 5 years. Initially she was treating me with Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy. Severe pre-eclampsia with my second pregnancy left me retaining fluid which was hindering my post pregnancy weight loss. After several treatments I found my fluid retention improving and my body once again returning to normal, the results were incredible.

After one of my sessions, Annette introduced me to the world of Shiatsu Therapy and I have been continuing these treatments
regularly since.

Annette has a very unique and special way of bringing balance back into my mind and body on all levels. Her magical touch was an absolute God-send when a specific contraception I was on sent my hormones into chaos. I was suffering anxiety and panic attacks and after only a few treatments, along with Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy and recommended Chinese herbs,
my anxiety was drastically reduced and has since stopped completely.

My life has totally turned around as she has not only helped me on a physical level, but also on a very personal journey which has seen the quality of my life and most importantly, my mental strength improve ten fold. Annette is now helping me with my two children, giving them balance so that they can grow happily, healthily and confidently through their early school years.

I have recommended Annette to many people, and will continue to do so. She is a beautiful soul with a very special gift and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me. :)

Carolyn D


Annette Lombardo has had an amazing effect on my overall health since I started having Shiatsu over 2 years ago, her knowledge and ability to assess my health problems with migraines and back pain that have caused me great discomfort over many years has been great, the migraines have decreased and I am back to walking and exercising as my back has improved
too! Highly recommend anyone to have a Shiatsu.

Deborah S


Annette has been my Shiatsu therapist for the last 4 years and I value her both personally and professionally.

Annette is a very caring person. She always makes sure Im happy with the treatment and follows up the next day to check how Im going.

Annette always gives you the feeling that she is there to help and that everything will be all right.

She is very skilled and helped me alot with her shiatsu treatments and advice. I really enjoy her treatments and after them I feel good ,balanced and have lasting wellbeing.

Iris A


I started having Shiatsu treatments with Annette about 4 years ago and I am
so glad I met her.

Her treatments are very relaxing and I always feel so good and full of energy after the treatment.

My life is more balanced now . Her treatments help me deal with stress, pain, lack of energy, tiredness.

Annette is very professional and a caring person which makes me feel good and supported when I come to see her.

Thank alot for being such a great therapist.

Asher A


I fully embrace the idea that healing and health are wholistic (physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual) and over the years I have experienced many healing modalities and have been a practitioner myself and am studying
again now. So in light of that it is often difficult to determine at any given point what is "working" when a shift happens and life changes or the body changes or the heart changes.

Then I met Annette... and WOW!!! In her experienced hands as a Shiatsu practitioner and Australian Bush Flower Essence therapist I experienced incredible shifts emotionally and spiritually. I shifted and attracted change, answers and opportunities very quickly and made connections and decisions with clarity. I settled into myself and planted
my feet back on the ground where I feel solid and sure of my next steps even if I can't see all of them yet. I know Annette will continue to work with me and following my body, guide me as necessary and as my self will allow.

I trust Annette and my intuition to show us the way. I was already familiar with the deep resonance of Bush Flower Essences but
Annette handled and prescribed them with maturity and precision. Annette has a resonance with the flower essences that simply comes naturally to her, like a well worn glove. In her hands they are magic.

In the past I have used other manual therapies but I got tired of and finally avoided oily, cold, sticky massages for years. I had never
experienced Shiatsu before and actually had no idea what it was and when I found myself in my soft comfortable clothes in a warm space, I felt cocooned and supported. I am incredibly sensitive to touch and the vibration of others and their ability to touch or not. With Annette, I feel safe, secure, sure and able to trust her wisdom and experience. Her touch
is truly healing.

What an incredible gift this beautiful, dignified woman is to the world. I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Love you Annette. Thankyou :)

Tiffany B

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