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Are you feeling stuck as if there are obstacles in your way? As a qualified consultant, Kylie can assess your home or business then offer recommendations to achieve a more balanced and successful life. Be empowered, take back control of your life today through Feng Shui !
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****Feng Shui****
Feng Shui first originating in ancient China is how the life force or chi/energy of a space can affect the occupants who work or live there in regards to their health,wealth,career or relationships etc. Through Feng Shui I can assist you to harness the positive energy of your space for success,balance and harmony !

When can Feng shui be used ?............* To design a home or business * Building renovation *Business promotion *As an investment opportunity *Buying or selling real estate *Landscaping *Annual review of living or work space to improve health,wealth,career and relationships etc.

**Each consultation is individually tailored to your needs. You have the choice of either -

(1) $50 (half hour)- Room Assessment (Photograph, Zoom, Skype or Facetime) to determine chi energy flow, furniture placement or environmental influences ie) Bedroom, Living Room etc.

(2) $150 (1-2 hours) - A virtual walk through of home or business, (Photographs, Zoom, Skype or Facetime) determining chi energy flow, furniture placement, compass directions and environmental influences.

(3) $350 (1-2 plus hours) - A virtual walk through of home or business (Photographs, Zoom, Skype or Facetime) including a Flying Star Chart Analysis. This is when the plan of the home or business will be split up in to sectors according to the facing direction of the building and the year that the building was built. A house or business plan will be needed. The Flying Stars of each sector will be analyzed to determine what remedies may be needed to neutralize any negative energy while supporting the positive. This will in turn promote health, wealth, fame, career and relationships. The typed report will then be sent to you by email with a follow up Zoom, Skype or Facetime call.

****Chinese Astrology Reading $150 - (Zoom, Skype or Facetime).Using your birthdate and time and place of birth your Chinese Astrology chart will be completed, analyzed and interpreted, includes report. 

****Face Reading $100- (Zoom, Skype or Facetime). You will need to take a picture of the front and both sides of your face (no glasses and your hair pulled back). The pictures of your face will then be analyzed, interpreted and put in to a report which will be then sent to you by email. 

****Sacred Space****
- $200- Creating a sacred space is removing negative energy from a space that is left from past inhabitants,living or passed then replacing it with positive,loving energy through a ceremonial blessing. It should be done before or when moving into a new home or business,before the birth of a new baby,after a major negative life event or disturbance,the start of a new year or for spiritual cleansing. 

****Sacred Source Healer - $60 (45 minutes)-A beautiful healing online (Zoom, Skype or Facetime) empowering you to heal yourself and others. 

****Oracle card readings-$50 (half hour)- by phone. zoom,skype or facetime for loving spiritual insight,guidance and support.

****Positive Pieces****
Positive pieces is a collection of gemstone jewellery - pendants,earrings and bracelets that represent the elemental and angelic realms for balance and healing. Each one comes with it's own interpretation and meaning,created from wired gemstones and beading.

****Handmade Resin jewellery, coasters, fridge magnets and keyrings available consisting of either dried flower or seashell, beach designs. 

****Selling Hand made faceted hanging crystals with gemstones, gemstone jewellery, Chinese Astrology pendants and resin jewellery on

****Also gift vouchers and Feng Shui product available. Feng Shui products available online on my Facebook site.

****Feng Shui,Sacred Space,Fairy and Elemental and environmental Workshops available -

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Qualification details

- Certificate IV in Feng Shui 2010 (Australian College of Environmental Studies) - Professional member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants of Australia (AFSC) -Certificate IV in Chinese Astrology-Four Pillars of Destiny 2016 (Ministry of Feng Shui). -Face Reading Module 1&2 (Feng Shui Research Center Aust.) - Certificate II in Animal Studies 2019 Broadmeadows TAFE. - Volunteer at Second Chance Animal Rescue 2019 - Certified Angel Card Reader 2014, Angel Awareness and Reiki Angelic healing - Certified Fairyologist 2016 - Past employment - Registered Nurse (21 years, Aged care and District Nursing).

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