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AQ Personal Training

Angelo Quinones

266 Pitt St

AQ Personal Training

I've helped all kinds of clients from a vast array of backgrounds and ages,with their different fitness goals,achieve their desired outcomes.

AQ Personal Training


Based in Sydney and Helensburgh servicing the CBD metropolitan / south coast areas on a daily basis, I'm proud to see my fitness training solutions help a wide variety of People achieve great outcomes for their health and wellbeing. 

Whether outdoors, on your premises, or at my two world-class locations helensburgh Calisthenics playground gym and Sydney CBD Pitt St gym I can tailor solutions to help you

I specialise in: 

* Weight Loss and Body Sculpting/Toning 

* Corporate Wellness Solutions & Group Training 

* Gymnastics / Calisthenics strength training 

* Boxing / Endurance 

* Strength & Conditioning training 

* TRX / High Intensity Training 

* Nutrition 

* Core Strength training 

* Injury rehabilitation & prevention 

* Trigger point therapy 

* Sports-specific training 

* Stress management 

* Vibration workouts 


* Kettlebell Coach 

* Fitness Boxing Instructor (Punchfit-certified) 

* Certified Trx Trainer 

* Gymnastics Strength Training Coach 

* Calisthenics strength Training Coach 

* Trigger Point Therapy And Sports Strapping 


* Group and 1 on 1 gymnastics / Calisthenics strength coaching 

* 15 years body shaping 

* 15 years strength training 

* 11 years fitness boxing training

I've helped all kinds of clients from a vast array of backgrounds and ages to achieve maximum results

Whatever your ambition may be - whether to rapidly lose body fat, bulk up, rehabilitate from injury, or otherwise - I would appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your goal as quickly, safely and effectively as possible, assisted by the wealth of experience I have gained in helping many others. 

I regularly attend industry conferences and complete new courses to expand my knowledge, enhance my skills and help deliver to you the most up-to-date and effective fitness training services possible. 

I run weekly Boot Camps / group sessions in the Sydney CBD -park st fitness first platinum and Helensburgh area open to all levels of strength and fitness.

For details please contact me on 0410165601 or Email : 

Instagram or 

(Ph) 0410 165 601

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