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Clear blockages by recreating balance in your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Australian Bush Flower Consultations

Australian Bush Flower Consultations and Remedies

Everything carries a form of energy. Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) is a form of vibrational medicine that works with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Aquarius Rising Wellbeing, Counselling and Coaching offers these botanical flowers in Port Stephens NSW and Surrounding areas to address emotional and spiritual imbalances.

We recognise when our physical body needs attention, but how often do we pay attention to our needs on the emotional and spiritual levels? 

The emotional, mental and spiritual bodies also need to be nurtured and supported; when they are out of balance we can manifest physical ailments and illnesses.

By looking at the core concerns of the soul and supporting what lies underneath we can heal on another level.

I conduct consultations face to face or via Skype, depending on your needs. We can work in various ways to create a beautiful one-off essence or a program that works long-term with the soul.

I look at the chakras, your astrological patterns or simply listen and ask the right questions to understand your underlying concerns.

The flower mixes are easily taken and not conflicting with other medications.


Initial session: From $120.00
Additional sessions: From $75.00
Individual mixes: From $30.00

Programs are available on request.

Bush Flower Skin Care

Australian Bush Flowers offers an organic skin care program, spray mists and creams that not only combine beautiful products to nurture and care for your face and body, but also integrate the healing qualities of the ABF essence.

These essences support the connection between mind, emotions, spirit and body, nurturing our skin and soul through our daily ritual regime.

No matter what your skin care needs are, you’re sure to find a gentle product that can address them from ABFE’s product line which includes:  

  • Cleansers and toners
  • Face and body moisturisers
  • Spray mists
  • Speciality face creams

These items are packaged well for travelling, Australian made, infused with Australian bush flower remedies and don’t exceed AU$29.00.

Allow the results to speak for themselves, happy to put together a pack to suit your individual needs.

Book an appointment for consultation or inquire about our healing flower essences.

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