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Aroha Health

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2016 is the catalyst for creating what we choose to have in our lives. With the re-calibration of frequencies affecting us on all levels, this is  the time to take back our power and create Heaven on Earth. The scales have tipped now in favour of more light frequency than dark. This happened with 2015 June equinox and started many years ago with the 1987 Harmonic Convergence by people wanting to get along and work in harmony with each other. The old way of control, power and greed over others is becoming the way of the past. As now we're moving into Ascension, this means any organisation that does not support equality for all on Earth will show itself for what it truly is.

About Me

I'm a Qualified Practitioner with over 20 years experience of training in many modalities of Well-Being.

My work has taken me around Australia, Europe and New Zealand.

Over the years, I've worked in different mainstream jobs. From product and weight loss certs in the health food arena to the nursing/mental health industry. These types of experiences gave me the understanding of what happens when we're in balance with our mind, body and spirit and when we're not. 

When we are balanced in Love, this affects our mind, body and soul. I have experienced the highs and lows and still do. This helps me to better understand the life I'm creating by self-acceptance and aligning towards self-mastery.

Embarking on this great adventure of my life, I have encountered many amazing people and experiences.

There is so much more to our reality than what the physical eyes can see. Learning how to be my own Creator and finding solutions to the many challenges in life I face is both Enlightening and Rewarding...



I utilise my skills, gifts and experience to help bring you to an understanding of yourself. To help Empower the Authentic You! With my team of guides/angels, I channel information from past lives, your guides/angels/family and friends in spirit. Discover what your gifts are to create the life you desire for yourself. Will talk in depth about challenges your'e facing and help you with solutions. The most common areas we all want to know is Love, Finance and Career.


Matariki meaning Pleiades in Maori. I was shown this technique of healing from my guides when in my 30s. This energy works interdimensional and multidimensional levels. All healing comes from the pure source of Divine Love. Please remember that you are the healer and my guides and I are the tools and techniques. I clairvoyantly assist with your guides/angels and mine to help bring balance to your energy matrix. We realign your energy systems to accommodate the light code filaments in balance with the dimensional shifts.


This works really well together combining my Matariki healing with the mini workshop. The results from clients shows that it can activate changes more quantum and efficient. This gentle one hour healing removes un-balanced frequency and fills in it's place the light codes that are required to change the harmonics of your being. We can go all timelines and help balance the magnetic frequency of your heart.


When we have interference from outside influences, this would make our lives become quite stressful. There are a number of reasons why this happens.. negative densities held in crystalline grid, absorbing other's negativity, elementals that are still attached to this reality or very strong low frequency.

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