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Create your own personal oasis of soothing and calming ambience from Aromanurture’s essential oil scents. No matter what you need--energising, stimulating, relaxing, hydrating--Susan can mix blends to your preference. Call Susan to discuss what you need.

Aromatherapy Products & Myotherapy Treatment

Focus areas

Reiki healing Massage therapy

Aromanurture is a collection of healing pure essential oils used for massages and skincare regimen.

Susan’s range of handmade products contains only the highest quality plant extracts from vegetables, nuts and other raw materials.

Essential oils are distilled from plants and are beneficial in aiding the treatment and prevention of diseases and ailments, with no harmful side effects.

Aromanurture offers various products including: 

  • massage oils
  • essential oils
  • essential oil blends
  • aromatherapy sprays
  • aromatherapy face and hand creams
  • lip balms
  • body moisturisers
  • aromatherapy shampoos and body washes
  • facial cleansers, masks, toners, and moisturisers

Susan believes essential oils help treat people in a safe and holistic way.

What are the ingredients of Aromanurture products?

Aromanurture products are all-natural and handmade. 100% plant-based. The base contains the following ingredients: 

  • shea butter
  • cocoa butter
  • sweet almond oil
  • macadamia oil
  • pure water
  • coconut oil
  • vegetable emulsifying wax
  • vegetable glycerin

The preservative used is grapefruit seed extract, and the antioxidant is rosemary based.

Are Aromanurture essential oils pure?

Yes. All essential oils used in Aromanurture products are 100% pure and of high therapeutic grade.

How long is the shelf life of Aromanurture creams?

Aromanurture creams have a shelf life of 18 months. The base used in creams is super soft and the essential oils added are pure and of high therapeutic quality. The creams are suitable for face and hand use. 

What are Aromanurture Sprays for?

There are many uses for Aromanurture Sprays. Flowers Of Love and Floral Perfume Sprays have feminine scents and can be used as perfumes.

The Mystique Spray has an alluring, soft and uplifting scent that can be used as a room spray. 

Other sprays have insect repellent properties like Don’t Bug Me. 

While some are for relaxing, grounding and even help you concentrate like the Focus and Clarity spray.

Services Offered

  • Myotherapy Treatments 
  • Aromanurture Massage Therapy
  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Reiki Healing
  • Remedial Massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Cupping

There is something for everyone. For every body, mind and spirit.

If you can’t find something you’re looking for, Susan can make personalised blends using her products. 

Call Susan to find out more about her product ranges or to set a treatment session with her.


  • Diploma Of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma Of Aromatherapy

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