Art of Pilates

Belinda Green

Suite 8A
185 Military rd
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Servicing area: Neutral Bay

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About Art of Pilates

Welcome to Art Of Pilates.

We understand that everyone's body is different and unique and this is why we have an individual tailored approach to Pilates. Every session you are provided with a Pilates program which is specific to your needs and goals. Your Pilates program will be designed to change the way you look and feel.

Our tailored programs and expert Pilates instructors along with our knowledge, education and support, will help you to get incredible results.

We will make sure you have a strong, mobile body which is FREE from injury and pain.

We have a strong focus on helping people with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, injury rehabilitation, knee pain, core strength, pre pregnancy, post pregnancy, total body strength, pain management, stress and anxiety.

Our studio is open and welcoming with loads of natural light and with our Pilates classes limited to 5 people, you will be treated to a private and personal Pilates experience. Pilates is often challenging yet is highly rewarding and you will see feel and see results after just a handful of our classes. Are you ready to take your health, wellbeing and fitness to the next level?

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We are in the business of helping you to look great, be stronger and feel amazing. We are the most comprehensive studio on Sydney's Lower North Shore. If you are ready to master the Art of Pilates, visit our studio today!

Art of Pilates