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Ascending Love Healing


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Hello, I'm Alicia. A level II Reiki practitioner and intuitive healer.
I offer Reiki, Crystal and Alternative healing services in Melbourne as well as distance healing.

Ascending Love Healing

Appointments by email:

I use the Usui reiki method, as well as crystal and intuitive healing. Previous clients have come to me for help with the following;

Healing of physical, mental or energetic illness and imbalances
Energy clearing
Trauma clearing
Release of stress and tension
Relaxation therapy
Affirmations and self programming
Guided meditation
Healings for children and babies

I can also assist with;
Breaking destructive relationship cycles
Creating new ground work for positive relationships and opening the heart to unconditional love Grounding and centering of energies and emotions
Reprogramming of negative behaviour into positive and constructive behaviour
Removal of past life and present life blockages
Clearing and finding the origin of energetic attachments/huntings

During a healing I intuitively pick up on your energy and can relay messages and information that come through. This works as a healing/reading.
I also often end each healing session with a brief Oracle Card reading.

Much Love

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