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Aspire Physiotherapy

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Aspire Physiotherapy

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Heart health Wellbeing Chronic health issues Sports performance Posture Injury prevention

Vuko Tomasevic
APA Sports Physiotherapist

Vuko Tomasevic is the Director and founder of Aspire Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic. Vuko is an ex-professional footballer who has been involved in the sport for over 15-years. Vuko is a titled APA Sports Physiotherapist. This means that he has extensive experience in physiotherapy as well as completing a Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy, which has further built on his expertise in the field.

Through Vuko's studies and work experience, he has acquired specialist knowledge and experience on the best therapy techniques available. Vuko's experience includes working in reputable world "leading state of the art" rehabilitation clinics in London, Qatar and the Australian Institute of Sport.

Vuko gives all patients the best service, which includes, but is not limited to, hands-on treatment and a comprehensive understanding of your condition and rehabilitation plan. Vuko will also develop and coach you through your own customised home exercise program to further support and improve your well-being.

What is Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised area of Physiotherapy that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries. We can help you achieve optimal sports performance.

Physio’s using the title “APA Sports Physio” have extensive postgraduate qualifications (i.e. Masters of Sports Physiotherapy) and experience in the management of sports and sports people.

They have undergone a rigorous selection and examination process to ensure they have the level of experience and knowledge to be awarded the Sports Physiotherapist title.

People of all ages, with all type of conditions and sporting abilities can benefit from seeing a Sports Physiotherapist, including:

  • Recreational athletes

  • Elite athletes

  • Office workers

  • Laborers and process workers

  • Athletes with disabilities

  • Sports teams and associated individuals

We Treat

  • Sporting and general injuries

  • Persisting pain caused by injury or overuse

  • Chronic conditions such as longstanding back pain, neck pain, knee pain and many others.

  • Optimize your return to sports after injury

  • Improve your posture and correct muscle imbalances

  • Improve your flexibility & prescribe appropriate stretch programs

  • Improve muscle strength and control

  • Prescribe specific exercise programs for:
    • Pre and Post-operative rehabilitation

    • Injury prevention and management

    • Strength and power

    • Agility and balance

    • Bone health

    • improving your heart health

    • rehabilitation following a cardiac event

    • controlling your diabetes

    • preventing pre-diabetes from progressing to full diabetes

    • improving your recovery following cancer treatment

    • improving your general health and wellbeing.

    • Core stability

  • Provide on-field sporting care

  • Advise on warm-up, cool-down, recovery and basic sports nutrition

  • Liaise with coaches and other support staff to maximize your performance

  • Enhance your performance & analyse your technique for improved sports performance

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