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Astrology Professor and Vastu consultant , Yoga teacher trainer & Marriage Celebrant


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Yogi Acharya Rajan Sharma is an influential Spiritual Master, an authorized marriage Celebrant, Yoga Master and Astrology expert. He is a Certified yoga-meditation teachers trainer(MYT), founder of Australian yoga college(ACYN), Astrologer (having Vedic & western degree with 20 yrs experience) & Vastu expert, NAATI accredited Nepali translator, Sanskrit language lecturer , best selling Author(The art of happiness) , Professor (Victoria University , Australian College of Yoga & natural Therapy ),Founder GSPSS & Life coach. Blessed with 3 different world records and “The Art of happiness “-A transformation mission presenter around 400 cities of 82 countries of the world. Writer of 6 books with master degrees in 6 different subject from Australia, Nepal & India.

Astrology and Spiritual Healing, Yoga teacher training & Marriage Celebrant

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Riverwood, New South Wales

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Face to face appointments Reading Business Energy Lifestyle Love

Welcome to Astrology and Spiritual Healing

Our Services

Astrology Consultation
An astrology consultation includes a detailed sample of your individual birth or natal chart (horoscope) and identification of the major astrological influences in your life. A consultation will provide an analysis of events in your past, present and future and the factors that may influence them. Clarification in regard to business, marriage, health, major life changes, wealth and success may be gained from a birth chart analysis.

  • Per person-$50 half hour, $90 one hour
  • Couple -$90
  • Family -$ 200 (less than five family member)

Let’s Plan Your Perfect Wedding

 Marraige Registration/Civil marraige celebrant services :

Refer a Friend & Earn $100

Palmistry is the analysis of the details in your hand and palm. This ancient art includes analyzing the lines, shape and structure of the hand to gain insight into your character and influencing factors in your life. Generally the indicative factors in your palm will synchronize with further revealing factors in your birth chart.

  • Per person-$40 half hour, $75 one hour
  • Couple -$ 80
  • Family -$ 150

Vastu Consultation
Vastu, similar to its Chinese counterpart Feng Shui, is a system based upon the ancient Vedic Science of architecture, building and the art of placement. The system works by a scientific method, based upon direction and the five elements to bring about balance in the environment and the cosmic energy.
A Vastu consultation can be useful for homes, gardens, commercial building and offices. By strategic placement of objects and understanding the importance of each area influence, the ability to attain health, prosperity, peace and balance in the cosmic energy is established.

  • Home Vastu- $ 200 (includes home service)
  • Shop /Small business Vastu-$300
  • Commercial building vaastu-$500
  • Above two storied commercial building -$ 1000
  • Garden /yard -$ 150

Remedial Recommendations
In the Vedic Sciences, a number of remedies are utilized to rectify the ill effects of malefic planets and periods of time. Some of the recommended remedies may include prescribed rituals and mantras, wearing gemstones or sacred objects, yantras and prayers.

  • Gem stone recommendation-$ 30
  • Rudrakshya /ring/color recommendation-$30

Marriage/ Partnership Compatibility
To provide the maximum benefit of compatibility in couple and family life, many people choose to match the astrological charts of the two prospective partners. By matching the 12 main qualities including nature, love, career, level of soul, intellect and fertility, the couple can gain an advance understanding of the interplay of aspects within their relationship. This technique is a proved astrological process that can assist to create harmony and peace in a relationship, avoiding misunderstanding and unfortunate consequences such as separation and divorce. Calculating compatibility of any couple can achieve long lasting and happier relationships.

  • Marriage compatibility service-$ 65

Auspicious Naming
A name is the first and foremost identity and symbolism in people, places and establishments. Finding an auspicious name, based upon spiritual principles and the birth stars, can bring a positive influence into the life and experience of any living entity. This service includes a genuine and practical calculation of charts and influences, and recommends suitable options for matching appropriate names of babies, businesses and places.

  • Auspicious naming (Baby,Company,Business)-$ 100

Murhurta Calculation
In Vedic Science, the concept of finding the most auspicious time to start any venture or major activity is to find the correct Muhurta or auspicious time. Calculating the most auspicious muhurta, allows the positive energy and planetary influence to initiate over the expected activity. The correct muhurta can be recommended to start any new business, job, wedding, ritual works, buying and selling property /vehicles or to undertake any important activity.

  • Muhurta services-$ 50

The art of healing can benefit the recipient through a body, mind and spirit paradigm. Healing on these three levels can result in balancing the energies throughout the entire being and maintaining an equilibrium in the consciousness. Ancient remedies such as mantra, spiritual healing, singing bowl therapy, meditation and yoga are applied in a modern context to achieve beneficial outcomes. Healing can be utilized for stress management, body pain, chronic conditions, overcoming obstacles and negative forces.

  • Power healing-$ 50 one hour $ 90
  • Reki healing -$ 50 half hour, one hour-$ 90
  • Tantrik healing -$ 50 half hour ,one hour-$ 90

Mantra and Ceremony
Mantra (sacred sound) creates positive, harmonious vibration and purifies the surrounding energy. Vedic mantras can be chanted to bring good luck and auspicious results to activities, to awaken our internal divine consciousness, and to free ourselves from negative influence and limitation. Mantra chanting can be undertaken in ritual ceremony according to auspicious time or can be incorporated into ones daily routine to bring about balance and internal peace. Mantras can be performed in group or individual and can be arranged in your home or a place of prayer.

  • Prayer ceremony -$200 (includes home services)


Certified Yoga and Meditation Course(200hrs to 1500hrs) 

We , Australian College of Yoga & natural Therapy(ACYN)  offer Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training Programs with flexible learning options to suit your lifestyle; either in studio face to face,retreat or online !(No enrollment fee )
If you are curious to learn more about the art and science of yoga with a modern day approach, deepen your practice, find and reside in your inner light, this course is for you.

Courses and private tuition in Vedic Sciences
Currently operational are courses in Astrology and Sanskrit language based in Sydney. Online/face to face and residential  courses are also available for those who wish to learn by distance education or differently .
Services are available by appointment, email, telephone, postal mail or via internet communication.

Details , Vedic College:

"It is really quite shockingly accurate how you described my life thus far. It's like you grew up with me, even though we never physically met."
- Peter Smith. (USA)

"Acharya Rajan is a compassionate and understanding astrology consultant.His attentive readings are filled with deep knowledge and insightful wisdom of the Vedas.His time line and predictions are accurate, practical and give a method to gain a practical understanding of the ups and downs we face in life.I would recommend his services to anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of their life and the planetary influences we may encounter."
Leah B- Sydney

"I feel privileged and blessed to have consulted Acharya Rajan Sharma, internationally acclaimed Vedic Astrologer. His insightful readings have given me answers to why certain events and problems have occurred in my life. His explanations are based on his highly skilful analysis of astrological charts, for which he provides logical and scientific reasoning using his technical expertise in the ancient science of Vedic Astrology. He is extremely skilled as an astrologer and can provide insightful explanations providing remedies, where necessary, which he does not enforce. He does not give false hope nor does he promise miracles as many other astrologers do. He is a sensitive and caring personality and seeks to bring out the best in your life, optimising on opportunities, and warning you of troubled times, as he sees them in your astrological chart.If you are wondering about the jigsaw puzzle of your life, don't look any further, contact Acharya Rajan Sharma today, to learn the truth about the journey of your life, and gain peace of mind."
Rebecca, Finance Executive, Commonwealth Bank Sydney

"Both my wife and I have been impacted from our sessions with Rajan Sharma in the process of reviewing our planets and configurations, to help provide us with a foundation to guide our relationship, business ventures, and general well being. We experienced a major shift in our perceptions of future events, directing us in a most positive light. We strongly recommend anyone who is interested in expanding their outlook on life to take the opportunity to consult with Acharya Rajan."
Professor Zone Bradford, Macquarie University Sydney, Australia

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