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AUM Kinesiology

Andrea Muthu Lakshmi
Focus area: Telehealth
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Kinesiology shows you how to break the wall standing between you and your goals.

Kinesiologist & Medical Intuitive

What is My Healing Method?

Hi! I am Andrea Muthu Lakshmi, a kinesiologist and a medical intuitive.

I established AUM Kinesiology in South Melbourne out of the desire to help you understand what you’re truly capable of. No painful situation is ever insurmountable.

I say this from experience. About 20 years back, I sought out energy medicine to help me with my back pain. Also, my elderly parents experienced health issues that were not easily diagnosed and treated by medical practitioners.

I was able to use various energy medicine techniques to heal them. That was the time I developed my medical intuitive abilities.

I embrace kinesiology as it is an empowering modality that allows my clients to take charge of their own lives. The outcome of every situation in your life will always depend on how you approach it.

If we are able to turn our pain into possibilities and chaos around us to choices, we will be the best version of ourselves.

We will have unlimited possibilities and infinite abilities at our fingertips.

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