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Sep 2016

Aura-Soma Australia Pty Ltd

Contact Name Marge Simon
Address Illawong NSW 2234
When you need an emotional lift and some creative inspiration...just add colour!

About Aura-Soma Australia Pty Ltd

Welcome to Aura-Soma Australia Pty Ltd

Life is constantly providing us with a mix of different feelings and situations. At times we are up – feeling confident, happy and connected. And then there are periods when we are feeling down – uninspired, down or overwhelmed by challenges. That is when Aura-Soma colour is able to help you.

For every down moment, you can call Aura-Soma colour for inspiration and hope. It has the ability to lift your spirits and return joy back into your life.

Were you aware that colour has been proven to an effective emotional enhancer, like sunlight on a cloudy day? It helps you to feel better about your situation, and even further, it helps to provide you with insights, creative solutions and motivation.

Put simply, Aura-Soma colour provides you with the power to change whatever situation you are currently experiencing and to see yourself in a completely new light!

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