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Margaret Scott

Berwick VIC 3806

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AusHealth Consulting

Free yourself from fear. Life Style Mentoring; Mindful Medicine Techniques: ROF Energy Techniques Taught to You! Specializing in adolescents with Anxiety and Stress. Remote, Treatments Streaming Consciousness associated with Pranic Healing.

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As a registered nurse much focus is on our physical body and its anatomy. A huge effort is in prevention and I am part of this focus with many anomalies. I have found that as individuals we are multifaceted and our energy body has an entire anatomy which one needs to groom, clean and take care of. It connects to our physical body and my role is to take care of your energy body by cleaning it up as to ensure it is able to function at optimal levels.

As we travel through life it is only when we are experiencing pain we search for solutions to our health. My own journey thus far is a strong passion to share some of the solutions that I have found to be effective. There is no guarantee for anyone, but for those individuals who are searching for information or symptom relief, I am willing to share my solutions and experiences.

My primary goal is to share the skills and knowledge I have gained to help you to live a more balanced and healthy life.



ROF Health Techniques


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Hi There: Great that you found my site. 
Looking forward to assisting you to transform yourself from stress and anxiety. I am a RN and use lifeforce to enhance the metaphysical anatomy, I did not learn in my years of my science based career. The missing Welcome to the incremental workshops to learn how to utilize the lifeforce into your life and those in it. Available for Group or Individual training.These products I have produced with a five step alchemy process using a technique to concentrate and program them to remove stress, clean up a room of heavy energy, disintegrate anger. Assist children with night tremors. Salt rubs to cleanse energy fieldsWe have evolved to a higher vibration at a personal and planetary level. Learn how to live and survive within it.Be liberated from living in fear and anxiety.  
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