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Around the world, there are more than 100 different modalities of Kinesiology that have developed in the last 30 years. As a result, we now have a pool of experience to draw upon when training and learning kinesiology. To enquire about kinesiology, please contact the Institute online.

Professional Association for Kinesiology Practitioners

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About AIK

Established in 1998, the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd has been developed to represent Kinesiology and its practitioners and serve Kinesiologists as a democratic and open organisation. 

Across Australia, the institute is represented by three branches namely Brisbane, Perth, and Victoria.

Among the Institute's priorities are:

  • Providing members and Kinesiology practitioners exclusive benefits;
  • Enhancing and promoting Kinesiology as a vital complementary therapy in Australia;
  • Upholding professional, educational, and training standards in kinesiology in Australia;
  • Providing industry leadership policies and initiatives that benefit the field of Kinesiology and kinesiology practitioners;
  • Protecting the interests of Kinesiology and Kinesiology practitioners across Australia.

It is expected that The Institute's Board of Directors, referred to as its National Executives:

  • Will maintain its policies and operations in the best interest of Kinesiology, Kinesiology practitioners, and its Members.
  • Will uphold The Institute referendum voting and democratic decision-making procedures
  • Will assist in the formulation of policies and procedures and share the actions taken
  • Will ensure that the Institute is managed properly, financially and administratively, to deliver member benefits. 

Other responsibilities include setting the organisation's goals and reviewing its strategy, ensuring processes are in place and ensuring compliance, as well as risk management.

AIK Purpose

Below are the purposes for which the Institute was established:

  • To promote and foster the understanding of all accredited forms of kinesiology
  • To promote and foster communication between practitioners of Accredited Modalities of Kinesiology;
  • To establish, accredit, and publish uniform standards for Kinesiology practice and to use those standards to facilitate the development and management of Kinesiology;
  • To recognise and promote Kinesiology as a valuable field;
  • To advocate for Kinesiology's official recognition by the government as a health and healing profession; and
  • To improve health and relieve sickness and suffering across the Commonwealth of Australia.
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