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Marcia Diamond

Awaken MBS

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Ka Huna Massage, Kinesiology, Psychic Medium & Energy Healings

Awaken MBS

Servicing area

Maroubra, New South Wales

Focus areas

Essential oils Nurturing Love Nervous system Stress Management Personal growth

Welcome to Awaken MBS

Marcia is a passionate and dedicated healer whose primary focus is to empower Mind, Body and Spirit. In her work, she integrates a diverse range of techniques including Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Card Readings and Hawaiian Massage.

Marcia loves to work with her clients to create real positive changes in their lives to assist them in discovering their inner resources. Start today and awaken the healer within.

Up coming Workshop

Goddess in Flight
Goddess In Flight
One Day Workshop
Beautiful Women , all shape, size and age come share a magical day.
"Goddess In Flight "will explore a variation of techniques to prepare you to fly. Soar through life with Ease and Grace. Release blockages holding you back from achieving what you want.

An exciting and fun workshop, suppports personal growth and encourages women to regain inner strength and courage to move forward with ease and celebration. .

Workshop Includes, Stress Release Techniques, Massage, Sharing Circle, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Dance and many more exciting surprises!

Your Investment ONLY $165 . DON'T miss out limited spaces available,When:Saturday 15th Deptember 2012 Time: 10am till 6pm.

Marcia Diamond 0450 967 301

Hawaiian Massage -

Experience the healing power of Touch.

Advanced Bodywork, Ku Huna Massage, Polynesian Floor Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Huna Philosophy & Polynesian Healing System. Heartworks Lomi Lomi. ♥♥

Hawaiian Ka Huna massage therapy is a massage that has been around for thousands of years, born in the Islands of the South Pacific. Ka Huna has been used as a system for personal growth and development, and as a healing and spiritual discipline.
Ka Huna celebrates life, bringing together mind body and spirit in its natural flow and rhythm. Supporting and assisting the Whole Self (Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual) to be at its optimal best.

What makes Ka Huna the Rolls Royce of all Massages

The Body worker uses a combination of movement, dance, rhythm, breath, energy that awakens the whole self to release stress, gain balance, clarity and connect to heart.
This beautiful form of body work provides a holistic approach to healing with its long flowing movements using hands, arms, elbows gliding in a rhythmic, soothing, energizing and soulful dance.

Ka Huna Massage therapy can-

Aid digestion, Reduce pain, Clear Mental confusion, Release destructive behavior , Reduce stress, release blocked emotions, aid the lymphatic system, improve posture and heal the soul .
It’s not just a Massage it’s an Experience.


Kinesiology brings together Western Techniques with Eastern wisdom using Muscle Testing to tap into the body’s infinite wisdom.

Imagine feeling happier, full of energy, peaceful, clear, enthusiastic and unrestricted. Now picture achieving the goals you set yourself in a safe and supportive environment, that will facilitate you to your own unique experience of self-healing.

Psychic Medium

Marcia is a Psychic Medium
Marcia connects to spirit and works with Angels to guide, support and bring peace to her clients.
Psychic Readings-Channeling passed loved ones from the spirit world.
Connecting you to spirit guides. Guidance on your life journey, confirmation of your path, recconnect to your truth and be in your power.

Crystal Healing

Awaken will introduce crystals into a healing if needed and if it will assist the individual in getting more clarity and achieve their goals for the session. Crystals are immensely effective they transmit great power. Crystals are created by geophysical forces within the earth whenever its crust is put under enormous stress. They hold the memory of the tremendous forces that they were involved that is why they hold such great strength.

The recognition of the beauty and loving energies of these forms can greatly enhance ones personal development. Crystals may assist in healing and opening one to higher consciousness and understanding.


Aromatherapy is derived from the very old practice of using natural plant essences to promote health and wellbeing. It consists of the use of pure essential oils obtained from a wide assortment of plants, which have been steamed distilled or cold-pressed from flowers, fruit, bark and roots. These pure essential oils that have been extracted from plants have been used since the ancient times for their medicinal benefits and are known to have healing properties.

Modern scientific research has proven the potency and healing qualities of essential oils. Aromatherapy can help ease a wide assortment of ailments; easing aches, pains, and injuries, while relieving the discomforts of many health problems. Aromatherapy also acts on the central nervous system, relieving depression and anxiety, reducing stress, relaxing, uplifting, sedating or stimulating, restoring both physical and emotional wellbeing.

About Marcia Diamond

Marcia loves to work with her clients to create real positive changes in their lives to assist them in discovering their inner resources. Start today and awaken the healer within.

    “Thank you! Thank you for being a flicker of light in my darkness. You are a gifted healer and your gentle nurturing and guidance have been an essential support through my journey and my grief. It is a great comfort to know I can call on you whenever I feel the need. With love.”

    “Marcia has helped me balance many areas of my life using a combination of Lomi Lomi, Kinesiology and Spiritual Healing. She has been able to release blocks caused by past traumas in order to overcome my fears and achieve my goals. Thank you Marcia, for helping me in regaining my happiness and my self worth.”

Start today and awaken the healer within.

Hawaiian Massage, kinesiology and Healings. . Call Marcia on 0450967301. Be sure to mention Natural Therapy Pages.

Love, Light and Laughter to your day.

IICT Accredited

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