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The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre


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Servicing area: Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre

Creating Unity, Inner Peace, Balance & Harmony

Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Cente

Heart Flow
“The heart is the source of love and forgiveness,
the great mediator between our personality and
our spiritual self.
The heart has the power and capacity to heal and
to bring out the best in us and our fellow beings,
and to transform ourselves and the world.
All over the world, more and more men and women are beginning to express the love and wisdom of the heart.
Heart Flow … seeks to bring together, to unite such men and women of goodwill so we can work hand in hand bringing love and healing to Mother Earth.”*

*From the Heart Flow Worldwide Brochure


The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre offers holistic healing modalities and spiritual educational activities to assist you to find deep inner peace, balance and harmony within your life. Nadia-Rose is professionally qualified in the areas of meditation, healing, counselling/psychotherapy, she is offering and is dedicated to assist you to find healing, growth and transformation in your life by addressing matters from a holistic mind, body and spiritual perspective.

The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre

The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre is a non profit community spiritual education centre which offers spiritual/ personal education and development through offering an array of activities.

Tuesday Morning Meditation/Personal/Spiritual Development Classes:
10.00 am - 11.30 am.

Through the Spirit of Heart Flow, meditations, mantras, and spiritual/psychotherapy techniques are implemented in a group setting assisting you to create self awareness, insight and personal and spiritual growth into and through your life. This session is designed to assist you to learn to connect to your inner most Self and create greater Harmony and Balance between your personal self and your Spiritual Self. New comers welcome.

Tuesday Evening Meditations. 7pm

Classes are offered to those people who have a greater interest in the healing of the self as well as that of humanity and the Earth. Each week has a different meditation or spiritual activity facilitated. These consist of;

Meditations from the Shan Meditation System.

The Shan Meditation system is a trusted meditation System built upon spiritual formulae to help spiritual people purify and align with their inner bodies with that of soul and spirit. It is a dynamic and active way to reach personal transformation and ascension. It is a meditation system designed to awaken the spiritual heart and to learn to live The Way Of The Heart. The Shan Meditation System was designed by Ananda Tara Shan and consists of the following meditations;

*Flame Meditation
*Maitreya/Yasodhara Puja
*Ascension Meditation
*White Tara Meditation
*Planetary Meditations

Connecting To Humanity / Companions In Healing

Connecting To Humanity

This is a session with a focus on creating awareness and healing towards suffering sectors of humanity. Participants are invited to share stories of people, cultures, and countries in need of healing, compassion and empathy. Unity is created as these stories become alive within our own group processing, whereby collective healing is accomplished.

Companions In Healing

In this part of the session there is a guided focus on spiritual healing in which participants can receive healing, as well as give healing to those in our absent healing book, others in the group, and those who are suffering in the world. No healing experience is necessary, just an open heart and desire to heal the Earth and Humanity.

Earth Healing Services

The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre offers Heart Flow Earth Healing Services once a month. Join us together in group service whereby through the use of invocations, prayers, mantras, music, cleansing and healing meditations participants can assist and co operate with the light of Heart Flow in aid to heal humanity and the Earth.

Dates for Heart Flow Services for 2018 are
Sundays 11.00 am -12.30 pm;

18th Feb
25th March (Easter)
Tues 1st May 7.00pm (Wesak)
27th May (Asala)
17th June

Heart Flow Healing Courses

The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre is now offering Heart Flow courses.
The Heart Flow course is offered in three parts that will be facilitated over the duration of the year.

The series of courses created by Ananda Tara Shan are as follows;

1/ Mantras & Meditation (12 hours duration)
2/ Philosophy of Heart Flow (12 hours duration)
3/ Heart Flow Healer 1 (18 hours duration)

Each course can be done as a stand alone course or can be used as a foundation stone upon which the further courses are built. Courses will be offered on Thursday evenings or Saturdays. For further information on a detailed course description see Heart Flow Courses brochure.
Bookings are essential for these courses.

Heart Flow Mantras and Meditation Course beginning February 2017

This course is for those who wish to learn meditation techniques, mantras and decrees that help to cleanse, purify and assist to help create greater balance and harmony between the personal self and the soul and spiritual Self; Thus helping to develop the Heart Centre.

- Mantras
- Violet Flame Decrees
- Attunement
- Breathing
- Meditation
- The Flame Meditation
- The Heart
- The Heart Attunement
- The Lord Maitreya (an introduction)
- The Lady Yasodhara (an introduction)
- The Puja Meditation

This course is both a theoretical and practical course. It teaches, in a simple way, the theory students need to understand the mantras and meditation techniques presented in this course, and balances this theory with the practical application of these tools.

Mantras and Meditations course is the foundation course upon which the other courses are built. It can also be taken as a stand alone course for those people who would like to learn about mantras and meditation but do not wish to go on to further courses.

Dates: Mantras and Meditation Course for 2018 - Contact Nadia-Rose for dates.

The Bacchus Marsh Heart Flow Healing Centre is a non-profit healing centre with a focal point of "Working From The Goodness Of The Heart".
For a full program of activities please send an enquiry.


Spiritual Healer, Counselling Psychotherapist, Spiritual Intuitive.
  • Spiritual Aura/Tarot Readings
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Holistic Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • Spiritual Healing/Psychotherapy
  • Meditation Facilitator
  • Funeral Celebrant

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