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Back in Balance Remedial Massage

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Remedial Massage

Back in Balance Remedial Massage

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Tonic Tendonitis Frozen shoulder Headaches Private health Arthritis

Remedial massage is a clinical approach to massage therapy with a focus on the treatment and management of acute and cronic injuries. The Remedial massage diploma is recognised by the private health funds as a therapeutic and curative modality and therefore therapists are eligeable to gain provider numbers allowing clients to claim rebates for Remedial massage.

A trained remedial massage therapist is able to assess injuries using techniques such as range of movement, muscle testing and referral pattern pain in order to apply the correct modality and skill sets to best treat and manage the injury or concern.
Therapists use techniques including sports massage, triggerpoint therapy deep tissue massage, PNF stretching, passiv and active release and much much more to assist their clients to return to health and comfort.

Common ailments treated include. Headaches and migrains, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder gurdle disfunction and frozen shoulder, spinal disfunction like vertebral disk bulge and prolapse as well as fasset joint inflammation, pelvic imbalance, sacroiliac joint disfunction and piraformus syndrome, tendonitis and tendonosis like tennis and golfers elbow.

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