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Balance Massage and Body Health can bring the Massage to you! If you're wondering what to expect from a Mobile Massage, read on...

Balance Massage and Body Health - Mobile Massage

What should you expect during your first Mobile Massage?

It can be a bit daunting to invite a total stranger into your home and then, making an unusual situation even weirder, having your guest ask you to take off your clothes and lie on a table!

In theory this is exactly what I do, but the reality is completely different, so let me explain what to expect during your first session, so there are no unexpected surprises and you can relax before I even arrive.

The most important thing to know is that I think in terms of functionality not, appearance. I’m not concerned about the state of your house, I’m not thinking about when you last emptied the bins or vacuumed. I’m thinking about which location is best to set up in so that you’re the most relaxed you can possibly be and have the best experience.

It’s exactly the same when I get to know your body – it’s all about functionality – what you would like, what I think you need, and what I can do to help you and run the session so that you’re completely comfortable. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes (that’s the beauty of the human form!) and my focus is how to help your body feel the best it possibly can.

What happens when you have a Mobile Massage?

I arrive and you tell me which room would be ideal to set up in.

I set my table up, warm up my hot rocks and leave the room so you can undress (down to your underpants). You then lie on the table on your stomach and place a towel over yourself. I will always knock before I return to the room, to ensure you have enough time to get comfortable.

We will then have a chat about what style of Massage you would like and how I can help you if you’re experiencing any injuries or pain. Then I get working while you get relaxing!

I’ll ask you a few general health-related questions, begin at the top and work my way down, explaining where I'm working before I begin, and I won't go anywhere you're not comfortable with. If you're happy to, you'll then turn over under the towel and we'll do the same while you’re lying face up. You will be covered by the towel at all times, including while you turn over.

If at any stage you are feeling uncomfortable, if the pressure is too much, or if you would like more pressure or if you are hot or cold, please let me know. Your Massage session is all about your comfort and you getting the most you can out of the time.

If you would like to talk during your massage, I’m always open to a chat, but if you prefer quiet, I’m more than happy to follow your lead. If what you’re looking for is a ‘day spa’ style experience at home, visit my website for some ideas.

What's next?

Once your massage is finished I’ll leave the room while you get dressed and then we can discuss any further stretches or exercises that will help you.

You then pay me (cash, cheque or direct deposit), I give you a receipt and pack up, leaving you to enjoy the after-effects of your massage.

It’s that easy! If you like the sound of that and would like to book a Mobile Massage, or have further questions, call, visit my website or click on one of the buttons below.



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