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Balance Rehabilitation programs are unique as they are truly community based. Programs run from local health and fitness centres or pools. Patient homes are also utilised if a gym is not appropriate. Our programs minimise the interruption to the daily schedule of individuals completing the program and increase the likelihood of attendance.

Balance Rehabilitation


Balance Rehabilitation is a Mobile Allied Health Provider delivering musculoskeletal rehabilitation, work hardening and conditioning, manual task training and chronic disease management to companies and clients such as WorkCover, Third Party Insurers, Self-Insured, Medicare and DVA. We provide supervised education sessions which are conducted at the client’s home, as well as their local Gym or Hydrotherapy at local venues. Balance Rehabilitation is able to provide exercise physiology services to your patients whom you have identified as needing physical rehabilitation for return to work or lifestyle conditioning and disease management which forms part of their intervention for rehabilitation from injury or a means to improving your patient’s health or lifestyle. This includes all ages and fitness levels.

Cameron Hoy
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

I assist and educate individuals towards improving and attaining their rehabilitation and health goals as I have extensive experience and knowledge gained through a practical approach to rehabilitation, pain reduction and management and health education.

Previous roles include Corporate Health, Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention Officer; “On site” Mining rehabilitation provider; Underground HSE adviser; and onsite health provider.

I provide individualised musculoskeletal rehabilitation and pain management programs to injured individuals whose goals are to return pre-injury capabilities or to work as safe as practicably possible with a ‘same position, same company’ philosophy in mind. As well as treating Medicare and DVA clients with health deficiencies through to chronic disease management to improve their quality of life.


  • Initial assessment of current functioning and history of condition

  • Exercise prescription addressing muscular imbalances, psychological imbalances, functional deficits and postural irregularities,

  • Work/function specific conditioning

  • 1 on 1 supervised education sessions/exercise sessions

  • Weekly evaluation and progression of prescribed treatment programs

  • Education on diagnosis and pathology underlying symptoms

  • Education of pain management strategies, program progression and correction of poor posture and body mechanics

  • Promotion of pro-active self-management of condition and prevent recurrence of injury

  • Provision to client of illustrated program outlining all prescribed activities

  • Ensure client possesses tools required for long-term management of condition

  • Provision of report to referrer detailing objective and subjective admission and discharge measures

  • Regular contact is kept with all relevant parties

  • Post program report outlining objective measures on admission and discharge

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Balance Rehabilitation