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Servicing area: Sebastopol, Ballarat, VIC

Angela can assist with all your Remedial Massage needs in Ballarat.

Ballarat Massage - Remedial Massage


Remedial Massage not just treats the dysfunction or pain you are dealing with, but also attempts to solve the cause of the problem.

A adapt remedial massage therapist with begin with an evaluation of your posture, and inquire into your day to day activities (diet, type of work, exercise). Obvious physical imbalance (to a trained eye) will direct how the session will unfold.

A range of techniques are utilised in treatments can be used, for example trigger point therapy, stretching and deep tissue. It is not a massage to unwind and relax you. You have presented with a specific problem – which is addressed in the best way possible.

Expect constant feedback, to change position frequently, and to leave the session with specific homework to do. It may be a series of stretches, the task of being mindful of your stance, and hoping to change negative behaviour patterns.


Remedial Massage treatments are charged at $40 for 30 minutes, $55 for 45 minutes, or $70 for 60 minutes.


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