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Servicing area: Eastern Suburbs and greater Sydney area

ZEN SHIATSU – MORE THAN A MASSAGE: Relax & renew with THE ZEN SHIATSU SPECIALIST in Bondi Junction. Enjoy improving your health as I help you recover from pain & trauma, manage chronic issues, bask in your pregnancy or simply experience the deep R & R that will make you feel better in your body, mind and spirit.


No matter how well you’re feeling you have the capacity to be feeling and living better.

Zen Shiatsu is a highly refined, expansive acupressure massage, a powerful blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the historical healing techniques of Japan. Weight & gravity are applied to deliver tangible physical relief from tension, fatigue, pain & stiffness – localized &/or general. The technique is non-aggressive & non-invasive.

By means of focused, penetrative touch, identifying & stimulating reactive points while treating the full length of the meridian, Zen Shiatsu also works directly on the receiver’s energetic body to facilitate holistic change: relaxing the body & calming the mind while releasing & balancing the flow of energy to stimulate self-healing.

The constant two-handed technique delivers real-time awareness of energy shifts so that the treatment may be developed and adapted in response to what is actually happening for the client.

Relief is brought to specific problem areas while the entire system is renewed because this is more than a conventional massage.

Zen Shiatsu may be used in response to a range of specific problems such as joint/soft tissue discomfort, digestive issues or anxiety. As a preventative therapy, regular Zen Shiatsu helps build immunity and resilience, providing a powerful counter-balance to the pressures of our 21st century lifestyle.

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II have been getting Shiatsu treatments for more than 25 years, seeing a number of practitioners prior to finding Barbara in 2013. Since then I have always gone back to her because she is by far the best, without a doubt!!! I recommend her without hesitation. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. What stands out about Barbara is her intuitive ability to really understand me and to address my needs. I always leave her clinic with fresh energy, feeling like I have been totally cared for and looking forward to my next visit. [Nicole M.]

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My treatments are thorough, therapeutic & a total pleasure to receive because they are deeply relaxing & nurturing. Detailed diagnosis provides a framework for your treatment addressing your issues. Follow up is provided with suggestions that will enhance the effects of that treatment & support you in taking charge of your health and wellbeing.

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