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Bathurst Oncology & Lymphoedema

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Bathurst Oncology & Lymphoedema

Try these safe and effective remedies to alleviate your pain and start moving with ease.

Oncology Massage, Lymphoedema Treatments, Lymphatic Drainage & Laser

Managing Pain Without Medication

Bathurst Oncology & Lymphoedema provides oncology massage and lymphoedema treatments in Bathurst NSW to address different levels of pain that accompany cancer treatments.

Oncology Massage

Clinical research has shown that this specialised massage technique reduces pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression in people who are receiving cancer treatments.

Only qualified therapists who are well-versed in cancer, the effects it may have on the body, and the adverse effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments, can carry out an oncology massage.

Lymphoedema Treatments

Lymphoedema is a condition that causes the body’s tissues to swell due to excessive amounts of protein-rich fluid. Cancer treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and the removal of lymph nodes, among others, are the most common causes of lymphoedema. 

However, we don’t discount the fact that there are many other factors that could lead to this condition, including:

  • Trauma and tissue damage
  • Infections such as cellulitis
  • Congenital (people born with Lymphoedema)
  • Venous damage

Lymphoedema doesn’t suddenly occur, but instead develops over time. Its early signs include the tightening of jewellery and clothing, a feeling of heaviness or tightness, visible swelling and aching.

If neglected, this condition may lead to a slew of health problems such as swollen limbs (Edematous), scarring (Fibrosis), Cellulitis, limited range of movement, fatigue, discomfort and pain.

Qualified therapists approach Lymphoedema with a wide range of treatment options, which include manual lymphatic drainage, laser, physio touch, and a pneumatic compression LX9 compression pump.

They also provide patients with fitting garments and apply layered lymphoedema bandage to reduce the pain and swelling.


Cost: $120, 1 hour.

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