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Beverly Amos Clinical Hypnotherapist

Beverly Amos

Logandale Blv
Cornubia QLD 4130

Servicing area: Carbrook and Cornubia, QLD and Ramsgate Beach, NSW

Beverly Amos Clinical Hypnotherapist

Beverly is a registered and qualified Clinical hypnotherapist ,NLP Pactitioner/Coach assisting with wide range of issues including Anxiety, Quit Smoking, Weight Management.


My Services

    • Hypnosis
    • Clinical Hypnotherapy
    • Energy Healing
    • Weight Management
    • Mindfulness
    • Retreats
    • Small Group Hypnosis

Issues for Treatment using Hypnotherapy

Anxiety,Stress and Panic Attacks


Stress can e beneficial for example in keeping us motivated, but when stress becomes all-consuming and negatitive it often leads to many problems. These include amongthst others lack of concentration, irritability and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help you to relax and we teach you various techniques to calm you down.
Confidence and Self Esteem


Do you get nervous or think you can't do something or worry about what others think. Lack of confidence or low self esteem is a problem for many people. Hypnosis and NLP allow you to take control and feel confident in so many ways e.g.
    • Be motivated to achieve things you want to achieve.
    • Be positive
    • Look and feel confident at interviews
    • Make a speech give a talk or
    • Concentrate more easily and stop putting things off

Quit Smoking


It is well known that smoking and passive smoking have a detrimental effect on health.Many smokers want to quit but just can't seem to manage it.. A package of 3 sessions is recommended
Fears and Phobias


There are many hundreds of different phobias from a fear of heights to a fear of the colour purple and they effect 1 in 10 people. You may be consciously aware that your phobia is irrational but its your subconscious mind that holds onto the fear. Its natural to experience fear and it can't be for your own protection.. However, when the fear starts to impact greatly on your personal or work like preventing you from doing the things you want to or from leading a normal, happy life, then hypnotherapy and NLP can be an excellent way forward and usually produce pretty good results.
Weight Loss


Many people fail then they try too control their weight.They tell themselves they want to manage their weight for many reasons - For better health, to feel better about themselves, to have more energy. But no matter what they say something seems to get in the way and they either can't lose the weight or they pile it straight back on. Does this sound like you? This is because your unconscious mind holds on to the reasons underlying your thoughts, feelings and behaviours towards food, unconsciously de-motivating or sabotaging your conscious efforts. Hypnos and NLP techniques address those unconscious barriers and put you back in control.
Weight Loss with Holistic Gastric Banding


In addition to the above techniques this is another method for weight loss.
Sleeping Difficulties


Do you have trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep or do you wake up early and can't get back to sleep? The more you try the worse it is. lPerhaps you are constantly worrying about something, having difficulty switching off, and going through some kind of change. There are many triggers and causes affecting sleep. Hypnotherapy approaches can help you to identify and manage these triggers and causes and to relax and a change any negative behaviour, emotions or thought to break that cycle of insomnia.


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Beverly Amos Clinical Hypnotherapist