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Biodynamic Living is a spiritual, ethical, ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition.  Biodynamics is a holistic agricultural system which fosters new thinking practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture.

Angus Deans Counselling Services

Focus areas

Relaxation Wellbeing Emotions Stress Management Energy blocks Joy

Conscious Living and Growing in tune with Nature

“The Oasis” is a 20 acre property near Tingha in northern NSW.  Since moving here in 2005 we have set about rehabilitating our land, which was once sluiced for tin and in a very degraded condition.  We employ permaculture principles and use biodynamic agricultural practices.  We rotationally graze our livestock to maintain and improve ground cover and build soil organic matter which in combination with the above is healing the land on which we live.  We believe that a healthy soil leads to healthy food and ultimately to healthier people.

We facilitate transformation in lives, relationships & landscapes.  Our authentic, holistic approach reconnects people with their higher self through connection with nature.  We enjoy vibrant health, creative & radiant lives, thriving relationships and regenerating landscapes and inspiring others to discover the magick that they are.

About Us

I soon came to understand and appreciate the challenges this landscape presented and to apply all that I knew and felt to improving the capability of each and every place I have lived on since this time. Long before carbon farming was ever spoken of I modified grazing strategies and stocking rates to manage with the belief that every year was a drought year and so I had to maintain at all times a more than adequate groundcover and feed reserves not only to maintain animal production but to improve organic matter levels and water holding capabilities of the land I stewarded.

In those early years whilst working extensively in intensive horticulture I also fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a result of chemical use on enterprises I worked in. This experience hastened my journey down the pathway of sustainable and organic agriculture. I am passionate about my belief that our health is dependant upon the health of the food we eat, which is dependant upon the health of the soils on which the foodstuffs – be they animal or plant – are raised. Our health and perhaps more importantly the health of our descendants and the earth itself is dependant upon each and every one of us leaving the land, in whatever capacity we have stewardship of it, in a better state than when we assumed that stewardship. This is true of a suburban backyard or of thousands of acres – the size does not matter.

Angus is self employed and runs a Garden Renovations business as well as Soul Journey Counselling

Coaching Services

Both Kim & Angus offer coaching services aimed at transforming lives, relationships and landscapes.  This page is under development so please call back again soon to check it out.

Feel free to drop us a line via the contact us page if you are interested in finding out more about the coaching packages we are offering to individuals and farm businesses. 

Kim is excited about the opportunity to join the team of Full Bloom Coaches with The Rural Woman in 2017.  This program offers participants 9 months of support with 9 different coaches to help them transform their lives and to "Bloom where they are planted".  Participants in Full Bloom have the option of completing a Diploma of Leadership & Management.  Funding is also available for women in farm businesses to participate in Full Bloom under the NSW Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program.

Soul Journey Counselling

I am Angus Deans and a qualified counsellor amongst other hats I wear. I have had a career spanning farming through intensive horticulture, orcharding and beef and sheep property management, mine management, and most recently garden renovations (creating wonderful oases for others). I am a part of a wonderful blended family with all it's attendant joys and tribulations and we are currently rejuvenating a small holding with intensive pastoral and permaculture principles near the small village of Tingha near Inverell in northern NSW.

Throughout my life I have been a coach of sorts- of children's hockey teams, of employees in the workplace, of clients in business, and more recently as a qualified counsellor of individuals whose life was not what they, or a parent, would like it to be.


Angus & Kim Deans are Reiki Masters and are able to provide Reiki treatments and attunements.  

Reiki is an energy healing method which promotes relaxation, healing and wellbeing by bringing the body’s systems into a state of balance. Reiki works with the body’s natural healing system and promotes healing on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Reiki works to establish inner harmony and balance within our system.  We have a mind, body and a spirit which is a self-healing mechanism, designed to function in health and harmony as long as these planes are on balance.  Life stresses can create imbalances in the system impeding the flow of the body's vital force, manifesting as illness and affecting the personality.  Reiki re-energises the vital force and by its nature acts on the causal areas, assisting the healing processes of the mind, emotions, spirit and body. 

Reiki can:

  • Balance the body's energies and chakras

  • Relieve pain

  • Reduce feelings of stress

  • Bring clarity of thought

  • Promote Relaxation

  • Remove energy blocks

  • Release suppressed emotions

  • Enhance your creativity

  • Enhance personal awareness

  • Enhance health and wellbeing

  • Activate the body's natural healing response

Reiki adapts to the natural needs of the receiver. Reiki can only do good and can never cause harm.

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