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The Blisstitute of Living Aloha

Charlie Snow

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The Blisstitute of Living Aloha

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The Blisstitute of Living Aloha


What a joyous experience filled with loving touch. I think the world would better a better place if we all got a lomilomi massage once a week. I have also received a massage from one of Charlie's students which was equally amazing. Treat yourself to this experience.

- Craig Pope

This whole body massage works right from the tip of the toes to the scalp and face, leaving every inch feeling luxuriously supple and relaxed. Lomilomi is extremely gentle and flowing, and I'm amazed to hear that 2 hours has passed so quickly. After the treatment, Charlie again sits with me to explain what they noticed during the massage. They point out the tension in areas of my back and tell me the common physical and emotional reason for it's presence. I confess I am surprised by their accuracy, as I mentally tick off the points they mentioned. Having never made these links before I begin to see how managing them will enhance my physical well-being. I leave feeling fresh, free and more in control of my well-being thanks to the wisdom I've gained.

- Catherine Naghten
(Australian Natural Health Magazine)

There are not enough words for the experience of a Lomi with Paige. I had not had a Lomi before and even though I knew a little about Hawaiian massage, I was totally unprepared for just how intimate and embracing it was. I believe every single human being, especially if they are feeling fragile, should have one of these massages. Thank you Paige for the wonder of that day.

- Kelly Freeman

I had the utmost pleasure of receiving a LomiLomi massage from Paige a few days ago and my body is still floating ! ..the pace,pressure and presence of Paige was perfect for me and I left feeling clear, elated and beautifully relaxed, open and comfortable in my body and posture . I also loved the additional healing modalities used much more than a body massage ...and the music playing supported me to enter a delicious auditory healing journey which calmed, settled and delighted my mind and soul throughout. Beautifully executed ..I totally recommend this professional, authentic service.

- Rachel Ayland

When I first went to Charlie I was looking for something more than just physical relaxation, I wanted to breath out the stress and tension I had become used to and start to heal. From the moment I sat with Charlie and started to reveal myself, I felt something extraordinary, a kindness and warmth which emanates their whole being. Charlie exudes the Lomilomi essence with such integrity and gentleness, never have I felt such unconditional love and acceptance. I felt my soul had begun a journey of healing, I felt enveloped in Charlie’s nurturing presence.

- Natalie Ward

Fully recommend Charlie Snow as a teacher of Lomilomi massage. Charlie brings wisdom, integrity and reverence for the practice in an easily accessible way. Charlie imparts knowledge with a generosity of spirit, which is both professional and in keeping with the traditions of their Hawaiian elders. Well worth exploring.

- Franca Hanane
Art Therapist/Counsellor, Lomilomi practioner - Melbourne

I need to thank you Charlie for being the greatest teacher I have ever had. You have given me the ability to see things clearly and make choices that are starting to change my life, slowly, but for the best. I am forever grateful to you.

- Bianca Neuhof

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