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Osteopathy Services

The holistic approach of osteopathy encompasses all functions and influences including the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Before any treatment is begun, an osteopath always conducts a full examination, using conventional medical tests where necessary.

Osteopathic treatment involves manual techniques including soft tissue stretching and massage, articulation and mobilisation of the joints and other even more gentle techniques including functional, myofascial, counterstrain and cranial.

Treatment is gentle and conducted with the patient's assistance. This type of treatment is designed to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and general fluid flow throughout the body, while helping to alleviate disruptive influences on the nervous system and improving overall body mobility.

What to Expect

During the consultation the osteopath will talk with the patient and collate a full case history, taking note of previous accidents, illnesses, operations, dental work and any other factors which may contribute to reduced health.

During physical examination, the osteopath uses sensitive palpatory skills, to gently identify where a patient's structure has been disturbed. As part of this process, the osteopath will assess whether osteopathic treatment is the best option, or whether the patient should be referred to another practitioner. Sometimes a combination of osteopathy and other treatment may be recommended.

Osteopathy can also assist in the prevention of health problems, helping people of all ages to achieve an ultimate level of health and wellbeing.

Cranial Osteopathy

The principles of treatment of Cranial Osteopathy can be applied to the whole body, not just the cranium. The trained Osteopath has learnt to palpate and treat restrictions which have either been produced by injury or disease anywhere in the body, and can very gently restore synchronised movement and balance. The osteopath aids the body's own inherent healing agencies to help resolve restrictions and strains in order to re-establish normal body physiology.

Cranial Osteopaths have successfully treated infant conditions such as colic and digestive problems, especially reflux and vomiting, crying and irritability that are often associated with sleep disturbances, apathetic and hyperactive babies and others. Children's conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity, Autism, Juvenile Arthritis, Juvenile Scoliosis, Asthma, musculoskeletal conditions affecting the young, and some congenital conditions can be helped with Cranial Osteopathy.

Cranial Osteopathy can also successfully treat common conditions such as migraine, premenstrual tension, neck, back, and shoulder pain, athletic and sport injuries, sciatica, so called "slipped discs", digestive disorders, sinusitis, dental trauma, arthritis, lymphedema and other circulatory disorders, brachial neuritis, tennis elbow, insomnia, facial pain and many, many more. It can assist in the treatment of dental corrections and complement other forms of treatment.

Pre, During and Post Natal Therapy

Pregnancy is an exciting time of life filled with wonder and joy. Osteopathy during pregnancy is equally exciting. During pregnancy, the female body shows enormous ability to adapt and compensate. The uterus, abdomen and the birth canal stretch to a remarkable size, and post birth, can return to pre-pregnancy size relatively quickly.

The growing foetus' need for nutrients and its continued waste production put huge demands on the mother's body, and yet, she is capable of feeling and looking as healthy as she has ever been. Hormonal changes mean altered moods, cravings and structurally, the body ligaments become looser. With these extra demands on the body, it is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to suffer from back and joint pain, especially lower back, leg, pelvic, shoulder and neck pain.

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective form of treatment able to reduce pain and discomfort, increase mobility and aid the body's physiology in order for the mother and foetus to achieve optimal wellness. Further, Osteopathy can aid the body in readiness for the birthing process.

Just as importantly and regardless of any specific problems that may arise, Osteopathy can help both mother and baby to recuperate and thrive after the trauma of labour.

To organise a time to see one of our practitioners or to discuss the best osteopathy treatment for your needs, just give us a call!

To organise a time to see one of our practitioners or to discuss the best osteopathy treatment for your needs, just give us a call!

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