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Banyule Massage Therapy Centre

Perry Adams & Associates

96 St James rd
Rosanna VIC 3084

Servicing area: Rosanna, Victoria

Banyule Massage Therapy Centre


A deep muscular massage complimented with stretching techniques, targeting the connective tissue or fascia through the body. Removing muscular tension caused by injury, stress or poor posture. Remedial massage is suitable for soft tissue injuries, acute & chronic conditions.

Uses various techniques to treat specific problem areas. Designed to alleviate muscular tightness & restore joint mobility.

Soft flowing strokes to relax inflexible muscles , relieve physical & mental tension. As well as a relaxing experience that helps maintain good health & well being.

Consists of pre & post event massage & training massage for optimal muscular performance & the prevention of injury.
It also works to manage & treat injuries.

Is a natural thermotherapy for the head and ears dating back to the North American Indians-the Hopi Tribe. The candle is hollow and made of unbleached fabric with a combination of beeswax and
paraffin wax. The ear candles help to remove excessive earwax and infections. Beneficial in improving sinusitis, ear aches, allergies, headaches, tinnitus and hearing difficulties.

Pregnancy changes a women’s body in many ways.
This is why we use massage to help balance the body & emotions during prenatal stages.

Mobile service offers the convenience of bringing the massage experience to your home. Min 1 Hour Booking. Price on
application. Travel charges may apply subject to distance
* No Discounts Apply. *

*Health Rebates May Apply*
*Workcover Provider*
*See our web page for discount offers*

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