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Body Bliss Therapy - Souzi Wilson

Body Bliss Therapy - Souzi Wilson

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Shoulder pain Acute pain Hip pain Joint pain Posture Relaxation


Working as a G.P. can be pretty stressful at times so I decided to try Bowen Therapy for some relaxation and relieve a bit of lower back pain. To my surprise along with feeling a deep sense of relaxation, my back pain was fixed and my shoulder, which had been stiff with arthritis, was able to perform a full range of movement for the first time in several years. Souzi is now working on improving my gait for better posture so there will be no need for orthotics. I really look forward to my regular treatments.

Dr.C.K.B. (MD) North Adelaide

As a professional musician, and as I get older, the body starts to ache after performances. I have had back and shoulder pain but most recently a heel spur.
I first saw a Podiatrist who recommended orthotics to fix the problem. I chose not to go in that direction but to seek Bowen Therapy, which, after one treatment has helped my pain subside immensely.
I have been receiving Bowen Therapy from Souzi for a few years now for various issues. Each time I have a treatment it pretty much fixes the problem instantly. On occasions I have needed a few sessions withexcellent results, plus feeling very relaxed and energized afterwards.

L. Todd (Musician) Welland, SA

Souzi Wilson’s skills as a Bowen Therapist are very effective as well as relaxing. I had a bad fall six months ago and injured my knee. My knee had become very uncomfortable to touch. I had a couple of visits with Souzi and the discomfort in my knee went from a 9 on scale of 1-10 down to a 2.
It was amazing - thank you Souzi for your healing touch and expert knowledge.

Kind regards

Elizabeth Ellames( Personal Development Consultant) Belair, SA

As a midwife I find my body is challenged daily through caring for women during childbirth.
I had heard about remarkable results from a friend about Souzi Wilson at Next Generation, for her caring and wholistic approach to Bowen Therapy.
I have sort out Souzi’s help for a range of ailments including lower back pain, tennis elbow, neck pain, and chronic pain in my hand following a netball injury, and have found Bowen therapy to be very effective with rapid relief of my symptoms. I have found the relief, particularly for the hand injury, to be long lasting, due to Souzi’s targeting the correction of the cause of the pain.
Souzi’sapproach to Bowen treatment has meant that I have been able to return rapidly and comfortably to my role of caring for women.
I have no hesitation in recommending Souzi for Bowen Therapy.

Steph Taylor (Midwife) Prospect, S.A

The first thing I noticed when I went for a Bowen Treatment with Souzi Wilson was the amazing space she has created in her work area within the Next Generation Gym Complex in North Adelaide.
It was like walking into a tranquil oasis where all the stresses of the modern world are left outside and melt away to make way for the next hour and a half of pampering and ultimate pleasure provided by the very healing hands of this very capable therapist.
Souzi knows what she's doing and does it with grace and ease. Every part of my body was overhauled, checked for performance levels and adjusted as required.
At the other end of this complete working over, I felt invigorated and renewed and highly recommend this treatment and this therapist as an outstanding package deal not to be missed!

Trish Herreen (ThetaHealingPractioner/Writer/Director/Drama Tutor) Glenelg. SA

As a family of three, we have had Souzi treat us over the years for varying issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica and RSI all with with great success. We continue to have treatments every few months just to keep our bodies in tune as we love the outcome of feeling wonderful each and every time. 
We are truly grateful for Souzi's expertise. 
Thank you so much dear Souzi x

D. Todd (Receptionist/Data Processing)

Souzi's Bowen therapy treatment gives me great pain relief, especially after hard exercise sessions. I am then able to recover faster and go and exercise hard again the following week. 
Thank you Souzi

S.Kay (Retired Financial Consultant)

Bowen therapy by Souzi has helped me over the years with knee, elbow and hip pain. BTBliss with Souzi is transforming. I float out of her beautiful peaceful clinic feeling de stressed and feeling 80% less pain. Bless you Souzi. You have a true gift. Thank you for sharing

R. Contariono (Teacher)

Souzi. Is a very thorough and caring practitioner who makes you feel very welcome. She has helped me to reduce muscle tightness, realign my body and address a range of associated issues.

D. Dawson (Business Consultant)

Bowen Therapy is a wonderful way to take care of your body and when you have a treatment with Souzi Wilson you are also taking care of your spirit - Souzi has created the perfect space for you to relax and let go of any unwanted stress. A Truly Blissful Experience.

E. Ellames (Personal Brandiing Consultant)

Bowen Therapy with Souzi is absolute Bliss - a beautiful space, a transforming treatment, a happy customer!

S. Jamieson (Remedial Mssage Therapist)


2 Services

Bowen Therapy/ Reiki/Kinesiology First Appointment

Remedial Massage Bowen Therapy
$160 Per session

Bowen Therapy is a series of moves done over the whole body designed to release the fascia (connective tissue). This allows freedom from restriction, leaving you feeling relaxed and able to move more easily. It is very effective for injury/chronic and/or

Bowen Therapy/ Reiki/Kinesiology Follow up Treatments

Remedial Massage Bowen Therapy
$130 Per session

Bowen Therapy is a series of moves done over the whole body designed to release the fascia (connective tissue). This allows freedom from restriction, leaving you feeling relaxed and able to move more easily. It is very effective for injury/chronic and/or

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  • Diploma In Smart Bowen Therapy
  • Usui Reiki Level 2
  • Advanced Diploma In Bowen Therapy
  • Touch For Health Kinesiologist

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  • Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia

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