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Body Focus - Mobile Massage and Naturopathy

Debbie Kleyn

Servicing area: Hills & Hawkesbury including Castle Hill, Rouse Hill, Dural, Annangrove NSW and Skype consults

Body Focus - Mobile Massage and Naturopathy
Herbal Medicine acts on several parts of the body at once, why not explore it today?

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine along with iridology provide the basis of the treatment. A consultation consists of 3 visits at 6 week intervals. At your first visit, a comprehensive report along with relevant tests and an iridology reading will be taken at the commencement of your treatment. As the treatment progresses it will again be used as a diagnostic evaluation and comparative to your initial diagnosis. A herbal preparation will be tailor made from your health findings to start the healing processes.

There is never just one cause of ill health or disease, so along with the above treatment, we will look at your circumstances, both emotional, physical and circumstantial. A large number of health problems actually start with the way in which we perceive ourself and our surroundings or ultimately "how we do life". The way you think and feel about yourself produces a chemical message to the brain, which in turn relays this to the cells in your body, producing symptoms and thence disease. We use Bach Flowers as an adjunct to the other modalities in your treatment plan. Please note that all tests are over and above the consultation price

The clinic is open most week days by appointment only. Please call Debbie on 0405 189 145.

Qualification Details

  • Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage

  • Cert. Swedish Massage

  • Bach Flowers, Nutrition, Iridology

  • Diploma of Child Care

  • Nursing Cert.

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