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Body Warfare Nutrition
Body Warfare Nutrition is a nutrition and lifestyle consultancy which provides not only practical, easy to understand nutrition information but takes your individual situation and tailors a perfectly suited plan to improve your specific health needs.

Body Warfare Nutrition

Welcome to Body Warfare Nutrition

Are you stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle?

Wanting to make changes, but don’t know what to do or how to get started?

Body Warfare Nutrition is a nutrition and lifestyle consultancy which provides practical and useful information to help you maximise your health potential to be the best you can be. We educate you to focus on your most powerful ally... your mind, toward healthy eating and lifestyle changes.


When you think of weight loss do you think of endless battles with yourself about what you should and shouldn’t eat? Is it about feeling disappointed and despondent each time you make the wrong food choice or don’t get up to do the exercise you had planned? Are you getting tired of losing the first bit of weight but giving up before you achieve your goal weight?

At Body Warfare Nutrition, our unique approach ensures that you will:

  • Have the tools to motivate yourself for the long haul of weight loss
  • Be able to recognise what stops your weight loss success and get you back on track faster
  • Make your diet efforts last longer
  • Ensure the weight you get off stays off.

Lisa Renn is the principal Dietitian/Nutritionist at Body Warfare Nutrition and her belief is that weight loss is more than just about food. “Sure, you have to make changes to your food and activity to lose weight, but it’s your mind that governs how successful you are in the long-term.” Lisa has over 12 years of experience as an Accredited Practising Dietitian culminating in her writing her first book “Body Warfare- The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss”, which outlines how to get your head right for sustainable weight loss. Lisa is passionate about accurate nutrition information and is a media spokesperson for the Dietitian’s Association of Australia – appearing on Channel 9’s “A Current Affair” and “What’s Good for You?” contributing regular comments for magazines and newspaper as well as speaking on radio.

At Body Warfare Nutrition we specialise in:
  • Weight loss
  • Type 1 diabetes management
  • Type 2 diabetes management
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and food intolerances
  • Cholesterol management
  • Family health

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

“Since seeing Lisa my attitude has changed toward healthy eating. I used to think that if I was dieting I couldn’t eat my favourite foods so my efforts only lasted a short time. Lisa has helped me totally transform my mind set and I’m really motivated to keep going. I’ve lost 12kg so far and got through Christmas really well. I feel that with my new attitude and knowledge that Easter will not put a break on my weight loss. Lisa taught me to look after myself, with 5 children it’s easy to lose sight of your own needs but I’m getting compliments on my weight loss and feeling in control. I remind myself daily, “I am doing this for myself, not to myself.” Elizabeth Livic, Kilsyth South.

“I knew I wanted to lose weight but had no idea where to start; Lisa’s advice helped me to understand where I had gone wrong with weight loss in the past and provided strategies for how to keep going when usually I would have given up. Now I have the ability to see when I am slipping up and can get right back on track more quickly. I now have greater confidence in all areas of my life.” Rachael Richards, Mooroolbark

“I had always thought losing weight meant being hungry all the time and that was something I was not prepared to do. Lisa has helped me see that the foods I thought were healthy were actually part of the problem and with her help was able to decrease the amount I was eating, wit out feeling hungry. I have lost weight and my cholesterol and blood glucose levels have come down as well. I feel confident that I will be able to keep this plan going in the long term as it works well with my lifestyle.” Claude Vanstraelen, Croydon.

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Sign up for a fortnightly email newsletter which provides up to date nutrition information and tips to get you thinking about how to manage your weight in the long term:

Hello Lisa,

I want to tell you that I very much appreciate your emails and it just feels that it helps me to stay on track even though especially this time of the year I find it a bit hard.

The article I read the other day about the amount of food to eat and eating your food until the plate is empty really made me think. It sort of is the way we were brought up and in a lot of families I think it still happens. One of my little grandchildren told me the other day that unless their dinner plate is empty there would be no dessert and it made me think of your article.
Do keep sending the emails!!. Very much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Johanna V. Lilydale

Why Choose Us?

With over 12 years’ experience as a dietitian, Body Warfare Nutrition’s’ principal dietitian Lisa Renn, has developed the skills for motivating people to make healthy changes. She use’s health coaching techniques to help you make changes in areas that are important to you and that consider your own unique circumstances. You will be listened to in a non-judgemental and supportive environment. If you are serious about long term weight loss and would like to learn a better way to achieve it, call us to make an appointment today.

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Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
Accredited Practising Dietitian


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