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Bottoms Up Colonics Southern Vales

Kate Gardner

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The mission of Bottoms Up is to make colonic hydrotherapy transparent and understandable in its approach

Bottoms Up Colonics Southern Vales

About Us

Bottoms Up Colonics is a programme designed to create greater public awareness of the human digestive system. Bottoms Up has skilfully developed a user friendly model of what's commonly called colonic irrigation. We're taking the approach of educating people about their digestive system and the health benefits of closed colonic therapy. Bottoms Up is making closed colonics available to the general public instead of the perceived elite.

The company philosophy is one of dedication, professionalism, service and pro-activity. The mission of Bottoms Up is to make closed colonic hydrotherapy transparent and understandable in its approach. We have a commitment to furthering education and knowledge of this complex area of the digestive system that affects so many parts of our body and our health.

Bottoms Up Colonics has been operating for 10 years, using a closed system with all disposal consumables. The founder Sue Wilson has been trained in the only recognised training organisation in Australia at the time for Closed Colonic Hydrotherapy, she than wne ton to further study the Rojas Soaking method and is now an Approved training Provider and a member of IICT.


About Kate Gardner, Closed Colon Hydrotherapist

Kate journeyed through who own life changes with her partners health and cancer issues leading her on a path of discovery, in alternate and complimentary therapies. Through this Kate decided she wanted to share her knowledge, offering community education and access to Closed Colonic Hydrotherapy, Body Ecology Nutrition which assist's the body to heal, allowing people to reclaim their health. 

Kate trained under Sue and worked in her clinic before relocating and setting up in Old Reynella now offering:

    • Closed Colonic Hydrotherapy
    • Body Ecology Nutrition
    • Health Coaching
    • Brandon Raynor Massage
    • Reiki
    • A range of probiotic foods and health products for your digestive system. 
    • Fermenting and BellyTalk Workshops

For more information or to make an enquiry contact Kate today!!

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Bottoms Up Colonics Southern Vales