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Bruno Pasqualini

Bruno Pasqualini

Studio 2,Level 1(enter from second door in Elm St)
411 High St
Northcote VIC 3070

Servicing area: Northcote, Victoria

Bruno Pasqualini

Health is much more than taking care of the body - the mind is probably even more important. This counters psychosomatic illness, poor self image, boredom, etc.

Bruno Pasqualini

To obtain and maintain good health, one must have a healthy lifestyle. Basically three factors are involved (i) a sensible diet (ii) regular exercise, and (iii) limiting and coping with stress.
TAI CHI PRACTICE facilitates the development of physical health and emotional well being in accordance with the principles of Internal Energy.

You must take a holistic approach to both your body and your lifestyle.

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Through regular practice of Tai Chi Chuan you will soon feel more energised, calm and positive towards life in general.

This ancient Chinese art of body and mind harmony can be described as a combination of yoga and calisthenics. The result of its practice include the health benefits of both, allied with the restorative effects of meditation.

Bruno is a qualified instructor of over 40 years experience. At his Northcote Tai Chi Club he teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

At the beginners and intermediate stages the emphasis is on the HEALTH aspect of Tai Chi , while at the advanced stage more attention is paid to the martial art aspect in unison with health and well being


Wednesdays 6 to 7 pm is the time set for beginners classes. I run 2 Semesters per year, every February (1st Wednesday) and July (1st Wednesday) I accept enrolments for beginners.


I teach Wu Style Tai Chi, which consist of 108 postures (the Long Form) broken down into single, clear movements. First you will learn the Square Form, later rounded up as a continuous Long Flowing River (comparable to the activity of a silk worm reeling silk).
It takes close to a Semester to learn the 108 postures to a reasonably competent level for beginners.

The forms of Wu style Taichichuan are naturally structured and characterized by agility, smoothness and continuity. All movements conform to the theory of mutual promotion of yin and yang.

A very particular attribute of the Wu style Taichichuan is the Square Form (see Video link top left), a clear and effective way to learn the exercise step by step.
The Square Form is a teaching tool rather than an end in itself, later the student is encouraged to make the movements flow, and this is known as the Round Form(see video sample above).

The characteristic features in practicing Taichichuan are stillness, lightness, slowness, relaxation of the muscles of the whole body, and more importantly the use of the mind and not force. The practitioner must be fully conscious of all movements, that is all the movements are always controlled by the mind.

Taichichuan has been called moving chi-kung by some authors, because one must seek stillness while exercising the forms. The first thing when starting the exercise is to concentrate the mind, and expel all distracting thoughts.

Once learned, the Tai Chi Form must be practiced once daily (approx 20 minutes) for optimum results. This gentle but intense exercise lubricates the joints and strengthens the body while calming the mind in a manner similar to meditation, with obvious beneficial health results.

At the end of a Semester you will be able to move to the intermediate class on Mondays 6 to 7 pm (students interested in the martial art aspect can stay until 8.30pm), where the Tai Chi Form is further refined and the teaching becomes personalized to cover the wide range of experiences encountered by individuals of different physical and psychological inclination.


This style of Tai Chi is rather energetic and not suitable for people over sixty; there are, however, exceptions to every rule - I have had students over sixty with more strength of character and determination than many a young person.


Ideally you should practice hard while young, then slow down in accordance with age.


ambitious young /and not so young students eager to learn the Martial Art aspect of Tai Chi will eventually move to the advanced class on Mondays( 6 to 8.30 pm, where you will practice higher levels of the Form, Push Hands, Technical Exercises and Boxing routines.


A journey begins with the first step; to get started in your quest for a better and healthier lifestyle ring me on: 03 9489 0479 or make an INQUIRY as per CONTACT INFORMATION above.

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