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Digestive disorders Pressure points Wellness Circulation Headaches Morton's neuroma

With Garry Webb and Bea Webb and soon Virginia Webb will be practising too; Byford Health Care is a Naturopathic Clinic with all the experience you need to get yourself back to a state of health.

We are open
Wednesday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday from 9am to 3pm


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Garry Webb
Naturopath and Live Blood Analyst

Garry is the boss, a practising naturopath with a Bachelor of Science in Naturopathy. Also a Bachelor of Health Science which he obtained at Charles Stuart University NSW. Garry also acquired numerous other analysis techniques complemented by his degree in Micro Biology. His herbal strategies are astounding but not when one see's that he has a Degree in Phytotherapy. No wonder Garry has such a following, his kind, gentle and caring manner get the job well done. He has many difficult cases that are methodically dealt with, to patient's satisfaction. Garry provides services for his clients in areas such as DNA testing and allergy testing. This has recently been introduced so that Garry can assist the clients understanding in regards to reasons behind their health concers. Garry is available for clients on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and All Day Saturday.

Bea Webb

Bea is a Naturopath, with a Bachelor of Naturopathy, Diploma in Nutrition and German Iris diagnosis and Diploma in Remedial Therapies. She was taught German Iris diagnosis by the man who translated all the information from Germany. Bea's patients have numbered in thousands from many different countries and even today we send medicines to Bea's patients in many countries of the world. She has been asked to open clinics in several countries but has declined say Australia is her home. Ever caring for each individual patient, giving love and devotion to the job at hand, laughing and crying which ever is needed at the time. She will never give in to any kind of persuasion when the case seems too hard or the patient's is not ready to comply. Perseverance is her watch word. Bea available  for clients on Friday and Saturday sometimes she does on Thursday when it is necessary.

Virginia Webb


Virginia is soon to be a practicing Naturopath and a baby mother of two children (twin sons). Virginia has special interest with her practice specialising in children and nutrition, with plenty of practical suggestions for healthy eating and among other naturopathic practice for young and adult. Virginia is also the practice manager of Byford Health Care.

Our Reception Team

Byford Health Care has a group of wonderful women who are there to answer your calls, arrange postal orders and organise your appointments. So feel free to contact us today and chat to our lovely ladies.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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