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If you are tired of no results or answers of why you just do not feel right then it is time to book a health consult now. Epigenetics has been a growing field since the mid 1970s. The pace of epigenetic research picked up significantly from the early 2000s. Interest in epigenetics has been fueled by accumulating evidence that epigenetic mechanisms underpin a wide variety of illnesses, behaviours and other health issues. Epigenetic changes are now associated with a wide range of diseases. This includes nearly all types of cancer, plus respiratory, cardiovascular, autoimmune, reproductive and neurodegenerative disorders. Many factors are suspected of causing epigenetic modifications. Lifestyle behaviour such as diet, sleep and exercise are now known to cause change, as is exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, diesel exhaust, tobacco smoke, radioactivity, bacteria, and viruses.

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One of the first epigenetic mechanisms to be identified was DNA methylation. This is a chemical process that involves the addition of a single carbon and three hydrogens, known as a methyl group, to a DNA strand. The methyl group addition changes the activity of a DNA segment without altering the DNA sequence.  By the 1990s experimental evidence began to emerge that backed up the hypotheses about the relationship between DNA methylation and gene expression. Two main types of epigenetic modifications have identified. The first type, which involves DNA methylation, modifies genes, these are small sections of DNA which provide the instructions for creating a protein. DNA methylation always silences the gene. The second type of modification affects histones, a specific protein that DNA winds round. Histones help compress the long DNA molecule so that it can fit into a cell’s nucleus cell. Modification of the histones can either tighten or loosen the DNA coils. The tightness of the coil affects how much a gene is exposed or hidden from the cell’s transcription machinery. I can guide you what genes you have and which ones can be your underlying cause of your illness.

Alongside Epigenetics I also practise Naturopathy, which also focuses on the underlying cause of a condition and therefore applies treatments that work in alliance with the natural healing mechanisms of the body rather than against them. So with your genetic polymorphisms I use naturopathy to not only treats the health challenge but also provide a clear strategies to you on how to empower and improve your life.  Physical symptoms are examined, as well as the influence of lifestyle factors and emotions on your whole health. 

As an accredited Epigentic, Nutritionist and Naturopath, I believe the body has the ability and power to heal given the right tools. As I constantly keep up-to-date with the most recent evidence-based science on epigentics, health and nutrition let me help you on your healing journey.‚Äč My only and main objective is to assist you to be you, to help you achieve optimal health and well being.E mail me now on byronhealth@pm.me to book in your first consult for a better happier healthier you.

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